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[WR] Max Park - 6.39 3x3 Average


Jul 23, 2008
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Super nice, looking forward to going through the solves with a cube.

From a glance - CN + well-utilised inspection time is stronk; 4/5 solves have 1st pair with the R U R' insert. The more efficiently you can solve/stably predict the maximum amount of pieces at the most information-dense/unstructured step; the higher the utility of information you have to introduce to and flush from the WM before hitting trivial stages (OLS onwards). Basically if you're sick at building 'macros' for the first part of the solve you will have an emptier head (and a lookahead structure) when it comes to the make-or-break point for high level solves of 2nd+3rd pair.

It's analogous to pre-processing in data science, garbage-in garbage-out :D