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Last slot + last layer example solve

Aug 30, 2020
On a long train journey, Smashin' PBs one a stop
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B' D2 B R2 F' R2 F D2 U2 F R F2 D2 F D2 F U R'
U' F R' F' R //EO
U //5c2e

skeleton: U' F R' (F') # (R U)
# = (F)' U L' U' L2 F' L' F2 R (U' R')
skeleton #2:
U' F R' F2 @ (U L') U' L2 F' L' F2 (R) *
@ = F D' B' U2 R2 B' D F' U' B2 (L2 U')
* = (R) U R' F2 L D' L D L2 F2

U' F R' F' D' B' U2 R2 B' D F' U' B2 L U' L2 F' L' F2 R2 U R' F2 L D' L D L2 F2
29 ETM

(tbh I used IF lol)

next: D' L2 D L2 R2 B2 D B2 U' L2 U L2 R F' U' F U R


Jul 24, 2019
NEXT : F2 L F2 L2 D2 L F2 U2 R' B2 F' R F U2 F U F
F' U2 F U // 3c3e (4/4)
U' F U @ L D R F' R' D' L // Weird alg solves 3e (found with insertion finder, 10-3/11)
Insert at @: U L D L' U' L D' L' // 3c comm (found with insertion finder, 8-5/14)

Solution: F' U2 F U U' F U U L D L' U' L D' L' L D R F' R' D' L
Final solution: F' U2 F2 U2 L D L' U' L R F' R' D' L (14 HTM)

Solution is 3 moves shorter than the scramble!

Next: B' D2 R' D2 F2 L' F2 L B2 L2 B' R B2 L B2 U R'