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[Member Intro] Hi, I'm new here, love all kinds of puzzles


Dec 9, 2019
Null Island
Yeah, We are lucky in the US with 4 cubing stores I can think of off the top of my head.
How is shipping from China to Finland? because, cubezz.com is based in china and have great prices.

Edit: Cubezz.com has free shipping to the US, Not sure if it is different for shipping to Finland

Edit #2: It says on their website that deliveries are shipped for free.

Excerpt from Cubezz's FAQ
We airmail directly from Hong Kong, China. You are able to enjoy such low prices and even worldwide free shipping because we take advantage of the lower operating costs (in warehousing and logistics) and we bypass the middlemen.


Another thing I thought I would mention is that I don't think most cubers go into a brick and mortar store to buy cubes. Every cube store I have seen and heard of mainly offers online shopping, with the actual location being a bit of a pain to buy cubes from.
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Aug 16, 2019
Nashville TN
Visit Channel
I thought...until now, that from UK I'd have to pay duty and VAT and all sorts of stuff, but apparently it's in the european duty and tax zone so I could in fact order from there. I'd actually save around 15€ due to the higher prices in Finland if I ordered there. (If I compare for example ordering an MCG 5x5 and 6x6 ...And using Micah's code :D)

EDIT: Or Owen's code, since (more or less surprisingly) "OWEN" works too, but I'm feeling conflicted.
flip a coin (or use mine because I haven't gotten mine used yet)


May 21, 2020

Het Mehta

Nov 28, 2019
I do feel the need for smoother big cubes. My best source online store doesn't have exactly those 5x5's, but are...
  1. YuChuang 5x5 M or
  2. QiZheng or
  3. YJ MCG 5x5 or
  4. MoYu MF5
...any good?

I've also had this craving to get a bundle with every pillowed and non pillowed version of 2x2 to 9x9 V-Cubes, but I'm sure there's people here who want to disapprove. Theyre not exactly very smooth, but then I'd have a chance to test the feel of every arrangement of big cubes up to 9x9 for about 230€/250USD. And it would be a nice collection.

I've looked into them, just haven't gotten any (yet). I surely want at least a megaminx, maybe some pyraminx and a skewb. Maybe make all plural. Heh.

What's all this about squan? Square 1 doesn't exactly seem like a puzzle I'd prioritize getting, but is it that bad? :D

Then get the YJ MGC 5x5. Watch J perm and cube heads review