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Famous Cuber Watch

Thom S.

Sep 26, 2017
I'd like your comment, but it's a bit sad to see the greatest of all time is now being slowly surpassed by others.
It's not like he's really getting pushed away(I'd agree his prime is over tho) it's just that he's not unmatched anymore. When you think of his prime there are multiple worldclass people but only Feliks is going to get it. Now others have catched up to a equal degree so it's anybodys game which means others will get along with him.
I don't think he will stay at the top 3 for 2-7 for much longer but he's definitely not surpassed yet.
Apr 29, 2015
To be fair, "others" means only Max, and only for now. Feliks can still make a comeback.
I'm including Sebastian Weyer for 4x4 and Kian Mansour for OH (Although he doesn't have any records yet, it seems inevitable that he'll break at least the average soon. Feliks single looks safe for now though :)) But yeah, Feliks has shown that he's still at the top, demonstrated most clearly by his 5.97 and 5.80 3x3 averages last year after he realized Max was too close :)


Jan 20, 2010
This weekend:

- Shivam Bansal is doing Multi-BLD this weekend in Indian Nationals. Very recently he got a 48/48 success, so with 3 attempts in 3 different days, I would say we have good chances of WR.

- Max Park is doing 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6.

- Ishaan Agrawal is doing 3BLD (UWR holder for single, mo3, Avg5, Avg12).

- Jake Klassen is doing 3BLD (UWR holder until a few months ago when Ishaan took them back).

- Jeff Park (WR3) is also doing 3BLD.

- Tom Nelson (WR2) is doing 5BLD.

- Daniel Rose-Levine is doing feet.

- There are two competitions in Poland, so I guess a Skewb record could be broken. :)