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Drilling algs with the GiiKER cube and briefcubing.com

Sep 22, 2013
Very nice website! It's very useful for learning algs.
One feature I find especially nice is the ability to use an U after finishing the alg to go to the next one.
One feature I'd like to see added is the possibility of seeing how much time you spend on each alg, like in a stat page that shows how much time you take to recognize and execute each alg.. That way you can know which algs you need to practice more. Also, maybe you could have a "hardcore" mode, where you have to recognize the alg from only two sides of the cube, like in https://www.cubeskills.com/tools/pll-recognition-trainer. Lastly, I'm having issues mainly with OLL, where I execute an alg but the site doesn't recognize the cube as solved. Maybe it needs an increased alg list?
These are just some suggestions.
Dec 1, 2018
Thread starter #22
Alg stats is on the TODO list; maybe even next.
A "hardcore" mode would be easy to do. Good idea! Let me think about it a bit.

Not recognizing OLLs as solved sounds like a bug! It shouldn't (in theory) depend at all on the alg you use; anything that achieves a solved state should work. If you could possibly narrow it down to a particular case and alg that's not working that would be excellent.
Feb 19, 2019
I'll look into adding these! Maybe I'll also add 4LLL algs for CFOP.

For the moment, you can select the below cases. Those are the "orientation only" or "permutation only" CMLLs. Despite what the "hint" in the app may say, you can solve them using the Lubixcube or Waffle's algs. For example, the second one there (middle top row) shows
r2 D r' U r D' R2 U' F' U' F but Y-perm (six extra moves though) from Lubixcube works too F R U' R' U' R U R' F' R U R' U' R' F R F'. The app will accept *any* alg that reaches a solution.

Also, BTW, when solving the normal CMLLs, if you orient the corners without permuting them the app will show a yellow "partial" solve and update the diagram to let you then permute them to complete. So you can actually practice 2-look that way as well.

Have fun!

View attachment 10014
Thanks! Works perfect!
Dec 1, 2018
Thread starter #24
Pretty much joined this forum to tell you how great a tool this has been for me as pretty much a total beginner and to thank you for the time you put into producing this.

As a kid I had a cube never really got into it and went through my life seeing other people solve cubes and thinking that I should get around to learning that. Finally I picked up a cheap cube mid December and can't put it down. I found a good video for the beginner method and got that down in a couple of hours and immediately moved on to look at F2L and 2-Look OLL/PLL and was finding drilling the algs to be problematic. Waiting for them to show up during a solve meant I never really got to practice them very well more just copying them from a sheet and no real learning. Trying to drill them on a cube with no feedback meant you think you're learning the right moves but you can quite easily switch to a wrong turn and never really know it.

I bought a second cube so I could leave one on my desk at work and pretty much as soon as that arrived I discovered the Giiker ordered it and decided to check around for alternative software because I knew there would be something and then found this forum. It arrived over the weekend and I've been drilling algs on and off since then and have made great progress.

Now I'm neither a great cuber or coder but having done some basic coding in the past I can read code to a certain extent. So please forgive me if I've misinterpreted something in the following.

On one of the algs (all_edges3 oll I think) I always get an orange screen, looking at the code I assume this is actually a partial match but I'm not really sure why. Can you explain what is considered a partial match in such a situation?

I've copied an offline version onto my phone for an upcoming transatlantic flight and decided to play around with it a bit.
I managed to edit the algs.js and add my own 4LLL section comprising all the algs needed but I noticed that there is a kind parameter which I have left as pll or oll based on the alg this is different from every other section that looks to use the setname also as the kind. Looking at the code I assume the way I have done it is actually correct as ui.js looks to be using those to choose a pattern match for verification. Can you confirm?

Would it be an easy change to allow brackets in the alg to allow highlighting of triggers this is would really only be cosmetic for when the hint is displayed.

Also a toggle to show the hint on every drill could be helpful when initially learning cases.

Could the timeout for failure be a settings value? Also if set to 0 (zero) possibly a repeated move of the top layer say 4U 4U' (Which I'm pretty sure should never happen normally) could be a 'I give up" signal to trigger the failure
Thanks for the ideas! I've implemented a few of them. Timeout is now adjustable with a settings slider from 0.5-10 seconds. Sliding past ten shows infinite/no timeout. U4/U4' are now supported as gestures equivalent to next/retry (when not complete/error, in which case single U/U' work). Parenthesis are now allowed in algs (used in the new F2L section for example). Also, alg.js has been consolidated to include all of the properties driving behavior.

BTW, I'm not able to repro the OLL bug where it always shows partial match (it may have been fixed in a recent cleanup pass). Let me know if you still experience it.
Apr 6, 2018
your imagination
Drilling algs is so much simpler with a GiiKER cube and this free site: briefcubing.com
No more setup. Instant feedback/gratification. Recognition and execution timing...
It currently has OLL, PLL & COLL for CFOP as well as CMLL and EO for Roux.

This has been a weekend project for a while. Any feedback, bugs, feature request welcome!
This is brilliant. if only I had a giiker cube I could drill my cmlls :(