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Does cubing get more fun?


Premium Member
Jun 15, 2010
Dominican Republic
There are a few different type of cubers that I've noticed:

1. The competitive ones - you don't necessarily have to be super fast, but to have fun competing and meeting up with other cubers
2. The collectors - These people solve mostly for fun and 'some' go to competition, and collect a lot of puzzles, and even make their own inventions.
3. Closet Cubers - These people know how to solve a cube but have little to no knowledge about speedcubing and the WCA.
I'm #2, I only speed when I'm waiting for new puzzles or broke, which is almost all the time.
Aug 2, 2010
I don't go to competitions, and don't collect puzzles.
I just enjoy speedcubing, and trying to get my times to drop. Oh, and I only do 3x3.


Nov 28, 2009
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You should take Chris Hardwick's advice (about the podcast). It really does answer your question.

What are you getting bored with? Lack of improvement? Lack of friends (in real life) with a similar interest? Is it just not your thing?

I unfortunately fluctuated interested in the cube when the friend who taught me how to cube and I weren't able to hang out all the time because I went to college away from my home town. When I noticed I didn't improve much anymore, and I didn't have any friends who had the same interest, that's when it would fluctuate for me. One day I decided I was going to get faster, hopped onto Jessica Fridrich's website, read it over, googled the whole F2L idea, found a lot more resources (they had grown exponentially since 2003-2004 when I first looked for more advanced methods), and found this site (thanks to badmephisto and erik akkersdijk). This was August 2009. Since then I have been getting faster (down to an official sub17 average now, when my PB single when I started this was 32.xy), and met a lot of good people speedcubing (including some in my area!). Go to competitions, you'll find a lot of cool people (don't worry, there's quite a variety of personalities at competitions, surely you'll match with a good few) and possibly even some that live close to you.

If you'd rather not wait for a competition to find people close to you, you can always go to cubingusa.com, click on the find cubers link and look at your area. You will need to create an account though to see their names I believe. You already have an awesome resource: The WR holder (Feliks Zemdegs) for 2x2 (average), 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 (single/average on those) lives in Australia. Not to mention Dene lives there as well and you'll find he's a "known" or "respected" cuber around here. There's a decent amount of cubers down there, so go look for them!