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[Discussion] Cubing YouTube Channels

Apr 29, 2020
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Hey everyone

I am known as Gong’s Brand Cube on

YouTube and I have a really small channel.


I make cubing videos but I am not your ordinary cuber who does unboxings reviews and tutorials. How boring is that? I found ways to make some pretty unique ways to make videos.

Some videos include making various Rubik’s cubes out of paper and writing two Rubik’s cube related songs. Many of my channel videos are high-effort to make meaning I spent a lot of time on making them.

If you’re still reading, here is my latest video

Where I made a song about dailypuzzles.

All I am asking is for you to simply check out my channel and watch a video if you want. Subscribing is completely you choice and I am not forcing you to do it but if you did I will deeply appreciate your decision.

If you have a small or medium or even large cubing channel, feel free to continue this thread on the condition you will checkout one other cubing channel, it’s a win win for everyone and I will be checking out all channels on this thread in the near future.

Happy Cubing!

Gong’s Brand Cube


Jan 9, 2014
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I have been running my cubing channel since 2013. My first focus was on 3x3 CFOP solves, and then I got interested in blindsolving so I started posting M2/R2 tutorials. I started attending a lot of WCA comps and started posting solve videos. I have also shared bigBLD techniques and some records at comps using good hardware and memo method. I am currently exploring method neutrality and find it super fascinating.

I also have another channel dedicated to blindsolving algs, and I am currently learning UF buffer 5-style edges, which are algs which solve 4 pieces at once. its a super cool set and there is lots to cover in it.

Other than cubing I have 4 seperate youtube channels for my other hobbies.

They are chess, Go, astrophysics, Drums and Shogi.

Good luck exploring and happy cubing!

P.S. I found a lot of interesting channels on this thread and some of the creators are making good explanations for beginners.

Yo, M U' M' U2 F' M F' U' M' U F2 U'