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Cubing on youtube is over with COPPA

TNL Cubing

Apr 2, 2017
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I would consider it extremely stupid. We are not talking about privacy in terms of photos, medical records, where they hide their pocket money or even their address. We are talking about their browsing habits, general location, sex and age estimations with zero serious consequences. Parents or the kids themselves worried can get 100% privacy from not going online. This nanny state law should be ditched and a simple warning put up instead. Even the ridiculous EU hasn't gone this far.......yet and they even hate the way you wash your chicken!
From what I understand, knowingly collecting information - even that with "zero serious consequences" - of a child under 13 is illegal in some form as is directly marketing and showing ads to a youth (based off of their tracked information) because they are considered by law not mature enough to distinguish advertising.

Mike Hughey

Super Moderator
Staff member
Jun 7, 2007
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If you want an objective and comprehensive view on the subject, read the publication directly from the FTC. It should clear up any questions you still have. :)
I don't think it does. I still don't know enough to identify whether my content will be considered to be targeting kids. And that's simply because the FTC's official guidelines are far too vague for anyone to know whether any content is going to be considered to be targeting kids. We can make assumptions about what seems sensible or logical, but that's not necessarily how things work in the legal realm.

And it makes me sad that I have to worry about this even though I'm not monetizing. I have yet to see anything that says content creators are off the hook just because they don't monetize - whether or not you're monetizing, it's still true that if you created content that gets tracked, you're liable. I would go through and mark all my videos as for kids right now, just to be safe, but I hate to lose the comments on my old videos (which I assume will probably be wiped away as soon as I mark them as being for kids).

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