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Choosing the right ZZ Variant


Jan 29, 2020
Hello everyone,

in the last few weeks, I got more and more into ZZ and its variants and even if I main CFOP for a few years now, I really enjoy the advantages that come with EO.
My current averages of 100 are 15.4 with CFOP and 17.4 with what I call beginner ZZ (EOLine, F2L, OLL/COLL, PLL/EPLL). However, from what I learnt so far about ZZ-CT and ZZ-a really excited me and I would enjoy diving even deeper into ZZ by learning a new variant.

My “problem” is that I kinda fear learning 200 algs for CT (yeah, you could argue that TSLE is intuitive and CFOP has 80 algs as well, but that still is a lot of work…) and nearly 500 for full ZBLL frustrates me even more. So, it would be ideal if there would be any technique like phasing that would reduce one of both algsets to experiment with the variant.

Therefore, I'd like to hear your advice on what I should learn next, or if it's even worth learning something new at all, since it's hardly going to make me faster.

My current options are:
1. stick with beginner ZZ
2. stick with beginner ZZ, but learn full COLL (currently know H and Pi) or full WV (currently know ~5)
3. learn beginner ZZ-CT
4. learn phasing or something similar + some ZBLLs

What's not an option:
1. Learn full ZBLL
2. Learn full CT

So, feel free to convince me of a ZZ-variant (or maybe a completely different method at all), but please do so as of MY PERSPECTIVE.

Thank you in advance and happy Cubing!
Switch to EOCross and stick with OCLL/PLL


Sep 5, 2020
yet another dump idea: couldn't you just permute all 4 LL edges when inserting last pair to get one of ca. 40 ZBLLs? I know recognision would suck, but...
Have those algs already been genned?


Mar 18, 2016
Illinois, USA
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This is known as either L4C redux, super phasing, or LPELL. While reduction can be cool, like ZZ-B which has normal phasing, the reduced set is going to have easier recognition but you miss out on too many good cases and are left with too many meh cases to justify the worth of the nice L3C cases.

As usual, inserting the pair and doing a short corner orientation alg to reduce to a set of 21 O ZBLLs is still going to be faster.