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Budget High-end 4x4 comparison

Which one is the best budget high-end 4x4 without considering their prices?

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Wish Lin

Jun 18, 2019
Taipei, Taiwan
I have the qiyi qi something and its very very very very, very, bad. The corner cutting sucks and it eats lube in only a few hours. The turning is bumpy and feels... Just egh.
I'm going for the yuxin little magic next, is that the right decision? I like fast, loosish cubes, preferably with magnets and little setup required.
It is very sluggish, and after loosening the tensions, it just pop in every solve. It doesn't react with lube at all. Frosted plastic with terrible shades.
Qiyuan. Everything he said, I agree with.
Qiyuan is a JUNK in every perspective possible. Even considering the price, Meilong 4x4 absolutely beats it to the ground.

NEVER get it if you see this post and don’t recommend ANY beginner to buy it, that might burn their passion out became of the hardware. Recommend the Meilong 4x4.
Not open for further replies.