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2021 Cubing Goals / Resolutions


Jul 31, 2020
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3x3 and OH-15
7x7-sub 4
5x5-sub 1:30
4x4-sub 1
Pyra-sub 6
Sq1- sub 20
Mega- 1:30
Bld- 1:45
4bld- success
5bld- success
Mbld- 5
Clock- buy one
Fmc- sub- 40
Huh. I kinda did the 3x3 and 4x4. Kinda lost motivation to cube but I’ve been getting back. Today I almost got my first podium in 7x7. My average was 2 seconds slower that third places.


Mar 18, 2016
Illinois, USA
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2021 Goals:

things that I actually want to happen said:
3x3: sub 9 would be cool
OH: sub 11 for sure. Do at least 20k solves this year. Keep making the monthly goals to track progress/keep up with my marathon.
Mega: Decide which method I want to keep using. Sub 50 would be cool but I still don't care a whole lot right now
ZBLL: Drill every alg execution to sub 1.5. Get the average time of recognition and execution to sub 3 seconds.

9.4 ao100 - high 9 global
13.1 ao100 - mid13 global. i stopped tracking total number of solves half way through the year but i might have approached 15k
mega - started again, got to 56 and then dropped bc school started
zbll - i finished relearning it again

things that would be cool to happen but almost certainly won't said:
3BLD: sub1 memo <-- this is the only one that is somewhat likely I will put in the work to achieve
4BLD: sub 10
5BLD: sub 20
MBLD: 10 points
FMC: learn things and be sub 30 <-- being able to do NISS on even just linear ZZ would be useful
clock: sub 8 <-- this should happen but it doesn't have to happen this year
no progress

overall goals that I want to eventually happen after which I can stop practicing an event forever because I will have a good enough rank said:
2x2: sub 3
4x4: sub 50
5x5: sub 1:30
6x6: sub 3
7x7: sub 4
pyra: sub 5
skewb: sub 5
squan: sub 20
i got an official 1:39 single and 1:40 average, but i suppose that was technically this year
realistically no progress


Dec 24, 2015
Finish ZBLL (roughly 170 algs left).

gitgud at FMC.

Quit cubing.
I drastically scaled back the amount of time I spend on cubing, but I'm still doing the weekly comps (… as long as I don't forget, and I've actually missed a few weeks in 2021) so it's not like I've completely quit. Let's score that as a 0.5 out of 3 goals. At least it's more than zero!