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2017 New Year's Resolutions / Goals


Mar 18, 2016
Illinois, USA
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BOLD = Y/N and Notes

UPDATED 7/7/2017

Megaminx: global sub 1:10, official sub 1:00 single / sub 1:05 average
Megaminx: global sub 1:00 1:05ish, official sub 55 57 / sub 1:00 average 1:02
OH: global sub 17, official sub 14 single / sub 16 average
OH: gloabl sub 16 mid/low 17, official sub 13.5 still 14.97 / sub 15.5 average 17.2
Feet: global sub 40 Either 50 or 60 I don't know, official sub 35 single still 46 / sub 40 average 59.98 finally broke 1
3x3: global sub 12 Basically, official sub 10 single 10.45 / sub 12 average 13.7
MBLD: global 10 points 5ish points, officially more than 8 points 3 points
3BLD: global sub 2:30 mid/low 3, official sub 2:00 single 3:0x / sub 3 mean dnf
4BLD: global sub 10, official sub 10 single nope
5BLD: global sub 20, official sub 20 single nope

5x5: global sub 1:50 yes?, official sub 1:45 single i dont think so? 1:46 maybe? / sub 1:50 average -- maaaaybe but idc its like 1:50.02 so i'll count it

Get MBLD, 4BLD and 5BLD SRs (4/5BLD okay if in 2018) lol no
Reduce global nemesis' to sub 20. Eventually have 0 nemeses. 9 pretty okay with that though

See if I like clock. If not never compete in it. Deciding whether to never compete of get sub10 and then compete
Never compete in sq-1, pyra and skewb again. crud competed in sq-1 why did i do that

Learn >60%80% of ZBLL I think i got to 50% but then forgot most of it so i'm probably at like 35-40 rn

Get my drivers permit and learn so I can share the driving and go to comps farther away. yesssss
Get a source of income so I can buy cubes and go to comps. several 1-time odd jobs but nothing reliable
Organize a competition. hopefully this year
Attend at least 5 comps in 2017. 6?
Podium in something. Win/Podium in Feet/OH/Mega at least 5 times won feet 3 times and 3rd place in mega twice
8/39 pure, 14/39 if I hadn't updated goals, or 16/39 if I'm being more lenient

That sucks


Nov 24, 2009
University of Georgia
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Overall Get Better!
3x3: gloabl sub-12, official sub-10 single / sub-12 average
4x4: global sub-45, official sub-40 single / sub-50 average
5x5: global sub-1:35, official sub-1:30 single / sub-1:40 average
2x2: global sub-3.5, official sub-2 single / sub-4 average

BLD: official Mean > 10 minutes
OH: global sub-25, official sub-20 single / sub-25 average
FMC: offcial sub-37 mean
Feet: global sub-2, official sub-1:45 single / sub-2 mean
Mega: global sub-1:20, official sub-1:12 single / sub- 1:20 average
Pyra: global sub-5.5, official sub-4 single / sub-5 average
Squan: global sub-25, official sub-20 single / sub-25 average
Clock: global sub-8.5, official sub-8 single / sub-9 average

Skewb: throw some shade
6x6: global sub-3:20, official sub-3:00 single / sub-3:30 mean
7x7: global sub-4:30, official sub-4:30 single / sub-5:00 mean
4 BLD: official success

Kilominx: global sub-20, UOWR

SR in clock, Kilo, and 1 more.
WR top-100 in 1 event
NR top-100 in 10 events (single or average)
NR top-10 in Clock

Delegate at least 1 comp :D
increase my states by 3 (currently 7, probably add AL, TN, and Nats)
Have fun


Mar 1, 2014
All events even though I don't actually do all events.

2x2: sub 1.7 global, sub 1.7 official, get back into the event, finish tcll and leg1 maybe, actually get good
3x3: sub 7.5 global(yes, very big goal), sub 8 official avg, maybe get a lucky single, Finish zbll( I am at about 120), get closer to full ollcp( I probably know close to half, haven't counted really)
4x4: sub 35 global, sub 35 official
5x5: sub 1:15 global, sub 1:15 official
6x6: sub 2:40 global, sub 2:40 official
7x7: sub 3:30 global, sub 3:30 official
megtaminx: sub 1:20 global, sub 1:20 official
pyraminx: get decent at top first, sub 5 global and official
square 1: learn algs, sub 13 global/ official
Skewb: Idk, I'll see if I feel like doing it
OH: Sub 14 global/official
Feet: Sub 1:30 I guess
FMC: Sub 35, stop DNFing
BLD: Sub 2
4,5, MBLD: maybe learn to do these events
Rubiks clark: Sub 10 maybe

These goals are way too ambitious, but I will see how many I can get

Other cubing goals:
Better turning style, accuracy, and TPS
Get some more YouTube subs
Go to lots of comps
Make some nats finals if I go
Organize some more comps


Oct 22, 2011
Bristol, UK
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I can see myself not cubing much next year, so I'm not gonna set many goals:

Skewb: sub 5 with advanced
Pyra: sub 4?
Square-1: sub 13
Mega: sub 55?
Do some casual BLD throughout the year, maybe practice some 5bld
Do some big cube practice, maybe get a new 7x7 and get to sub 4 (quite achievable imo)
Go to worlds
Skewb: no
Pyra: maybe?
Square-1: yeah
Mega: quite close
Yes for BLD
Yes for big cubes
Yes for worlds

not too bad

One Wheel

Feb 24, 2016
From last year, with notes.

Seems a little early for New Year's Resolutions, but why not:

"Global" averages:
2x2: Currently ~11 seconds, Goal: sub-10 - not really. Pretty much the same as last year.
3x3: Currently ~33 seconds, Goal: Sub-25, Maybe learn ZZ - not really. Running about 29 seconds currently with CFOP
4x4: Currently ~1:55, Goal: Sub-1:30 - on a good day. 1:35 is a fair estimate of my global average.
5x5: Currently ~3:40, Goal: Sub-2:30 - 2:45, 2:35 on a good day.
6x6: Currently ~7:00, Goal: Sub-4:30 - more like 5:10, just under 5:00 on a good day.
7x7: Currently don't have one, Goal: Sub-6:30 - got one, a few actually, average roughly 8:00.
Megaminx: Currently ~4:30, Goal: Sub-3:00 - about 3:20
Square-1: Currently ~2:00+, Goal: Sub-45 - no. Didn't really practice.
Feet: Currently ~3:00, Goal: Sub 1:30 - closer to 2:00
3x3 OH: Currently ~1:15, Goal: Sub-45 - around 55-1:00
FMC: Currently little practice, averaging around 45-50, Goal: 35 - didn't practice, so no.
3BLD: Currently ~30% success, Goal: Sub-2:30, learn M2 - M2 sort of. The rest: I think ~30% success was generous a year ago, and hasn't improved, I think my fastest success is 14:xx.
4BLD: Currently: haven't tried, Goal: 50% Success - not even close. Didn't actually make an attempt.
5BLD: Currently: haven't tried, Goal: 50% Success- not even close. Didn't actually make an attempt.
6BLD: Currently: haven't tried, Goal: 1 Success- not even close. Didn't actually make an attempt.
7BLD: Currently: haven't tried, Goal: 1 Success- not even close. Didn't actually make an attempt.
MBLD: Currently: haven't tried, Goal: 4/4- not even close. Didn't actually make an attempt.
Clock and Pyraminx: continue to avoid learning how to solve - I solved pyraminx a couple of times early this year, but clock is one goal I actually met!
Skewb: forget how to solve (I may have already accomplished this one, but I'm afraid if I try it to find out I'll remember). - same

6x6 and 7x7 might be a bit ambitious, but I think everything else is achievable. - reasonably close on a lot of these. I'll probably be about a year late on most of them.