1. Burrito

    Best LL Option for ZZ? INCLUDING: ZBLL, TSLE+TTLL, and more?

    Hey guys, so I am looking into getting faster at 3x3 with more algsets and other things like that to get consistently sub-8 with ZZ. I have 3(ish) options: ZZ-A (ZBLL) ZZ-CT or ZZ-C++ Some Other Option
  2. Burrito

    ZZ-CT vs ZZ-C++

    Which one should I use? Just your honest opinions :) (but im sticking with zz)
  3. Burrito

    Info about ZZ-C++?

    Hey all! I have been trying to find info and a finished all-in-one algsheet for ZZ-C++ and I haven't found anything. Any info would help (I know about the proposal video). Thanks in advance!
  4. Z

    ZZ-C++ Alg Progress sheet

    Hi, I've been gathering some algs over the last few days of some C and CT algs to try and get a good base form of what C++ looks like to show some people. I havn't worked on it to much, but here are 13 algs that ive worked on some. Basically the idea is CT is your base so you would learn that...