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ZZ-C++ Alg Progress sheet


Jul 27, 2020
Hi, I've been gathering some algs over the last few days of some C and CT algs to try and get a good base form of what C++ looks like to show some people. I havn't worked on it to much, but here are 13 algs that ive worked on some. Basically the idea is CT is your base so you would learn that first so you would still have to only track the edge piece for TSLE. When you recognize the TSLE after you've learned some alternate algs you can force PLL by just knowing where the corner is. You only have to know where it is you DO NOT have to recognize the Permutation of it because if you know the TSLE and it is in that spot there is only one permutation. So just find it then execute if you know the alternate. This cuts down quite a bit on moves from C and still offers a good amount of OLL skip forcing. The idea behind it is CT uses the BEST orientation alg of the C cases, but some cases have multiple good algs. I would love for people to post some algs for the cases. im using Gyroninjas page as a reference for algs, so explain which alg goes to which case when you post please!