1. Off by more than a decade v-cube

    Off by more than a decade v-cube

  2. C

    V-Cube Set for sale

    Hello all- I have decided to switch over to black for my V-cubes, so I want to sell my white ones. I have white pillowed V-cubes of 2*2, 3*3, 4*4, 6*6, and 7*7. The nominal value of these is $145.75, but I am selling them for $90.00 USD due to them being slightly used and that I am selling in...
  3. Pillowed Lemons

    Best 4x4?

    Hello! I am a new cuber. I can solve the 2x2 and 3x3 in 1 minute. Shortly (once sub 45) I want to buy a 4x4. I am aware of the controversy behind the V-Cube 4, but the V-Cube 4 Pillowed White is the cube that is leading my interest. Any input… Thanks!!
  4. Branflakeftw

    New V-cube by the end of the year?

    This is taken off of their facebook page:Ειμαστε στην ευχάριστη θέση να ανακοινώσουμε στους Ελληνες φίλους μας ότι σχεδιάζουμε μια εκδήλωση και διαγωνισμό στην Ελλάδα μέχρι το τέλος του έτους! Οποιος ενδιαφέρεται να συμμετάσχει και να βοηθήσει στην διοργάνωση ας επικοινωνήσει μαζί μας στο...
  5. K

    Selling and/or Trading White V-cube 5 and 6

    Sorry guys. The cubes have already been sold.
  6. I

    Looking to buy a few puzzles

    Hey guys Im looking to buy some puzzles: Vcube 5 or Shengshou 5 Dayan Lunhui (prefer DIY) Mini 42MM Zanchi Also I need a center piece to a regular zanchi. If anyone has an extra center piece or is welling to sell it to me etc. I would be willing to buy it. Payment will be...
  7. C

    New Member - CooperB

    Hey guys! I am new to this forum. I have been cubing for about four years now, but just recently began speedcubing with the Fridrich method about nine months ago. My best time on a 2x2 is 5.23 seconds. 3x3 best time is 22.16 seconds. 4x4 best time is 3:54.16, 5x5 besttime is 6:25.16, and my...
  8. Frapdeizer

    [Unofficial] 5x5: 59.70 single.

    Yeah, I'm slow. I shall restart practicing bigcubes soon.
  9. E

    How is the V-Cube 3?

    Hey, I may would like to buy me the new V-Cube 3... but what do you think about the V-Cube 3? Is it a good cube for speedcubing? How is the cornercutting? is it better in pillowed or normal? Must I do modifikation? Do you have any reviews/oppinions/knowledge? Hoping for answers ^_^ Greetings!
  10. pjk

    Unveiling of the most anticipated V-CUBE 3

    If you didn't get the latest Vcube newsletter just now: Check them out here (you can get flat, pillowed, DIY, or the all 3 - in both white and black colors): http://www.v-cubes.com/prod_info/v-cube3.php
  11. (R)

    Trading V-Cube 6 and 7 for shenshou 6x6 and lan lan 7x7

    PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE TITLE, IT IS OUTDATED I have one lightly used black V6 that I would like to sell is missing one white sticker and is unmodded. If you would prefer I can sticker it with my half bright set coming soon. As for the 7x7, it is a well used white 7x7 that I want to sell. It...
  12. F

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Avg of 5: 13.92 + 1:33.84 5x5 Single

    Standard avg. Good solve. Tips? ;)
  13. Penguino138

    5x5 Questions From A Website

    Hello! I would like to buy a 5x5 but am not sure which I should get. I'm referring to this page here: http://51morefun.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=5x5&x=0&y=0 My main question is would it be worth purchasing a v-cube for the price? Is a Qj or...
  14. collinbxyz

    V-Cube vs Alpha V???

    I just saw this, but didn't see anything else about it. Wondering what everyone thought. I don't know any more info, other than in this vid, but seriously...Alpha 5 is NOT a KO!
  15. gundamslicer

    51morefun discussion thread

    The zhanchi is 16.99 with free shipping, Guhong is 9.99 :http://51morefun.com/ Is it safe?
  16. C

    My Extended V-Cube 5 and 6 Mod

    Hi, I recently found out that the Pi Mod doesn't remove all the clicking on the outer layer of the V-Cube 5, so I decided to try a new mod. This mod doesn't make the cube unstable or something like that. Please subscribe, I will make more video tutorials, and I will make a tutorial on how...
  17. MrIndianTeen

    Puzzle Mod / Modding thread

    Hi this will be a thread on any modded cubes you have. You can share pictures here too. I'll start w/ an "elite" I just made. Here are my mods. Keep clicking on next to see the other pics.
  18. C


    I bought an EastSheen 5-cube just to get the feel for a five. I love it. But, there is simply no way to speed up with my little pet E5. No cutting corners, certainly no reverse cuts, no spins over 90*. I understand that V-Cubes are unbeatable; I get it. I'm looking for an alternative. I hear...
  19. G

    Black V-Cube 6 - Like New -

    Black V6, bought it on February 28, 2011, which makes it exactly 3 weeks old, but I need to sell because lol life. I've solved it 4 or 5 times. Not modded. All stickers are still like new. Asking $35. I have 100% (175) eBay feedback and have sold a V7 on this site before. US buyers only...
  20. HavoCentral

    Dayan Vs Verdes Petition

    You can find the Petition Here As of right now we are almost at one hundred, lets try for two by the end of the weekend. Tell your friends. OMG, someone made a video about this. I feel honored. lol **Only the names I recognize, If a famous cuber signed and I missed it let me know New...