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    [Member Intro] I am in a new account

    Hey, this is just V Achyuthan in a new account. My previous account got hacked so I had to create a new one.
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    Pseutilus Proposal | (Basically Pseudo Nautilus lol)

    Pseutilus (Pseudo Nautilus). It combines block building, pseudo tricks and the same number of algorithmic steps as Mehta method. It supports a movecount lesser than CFOP and similar to Roux. Steps 1. Pseudo 222 2. 123 block either on the F or the R face 3. EOLE 4. 5CO 5. Insert last F2L corner...
  3. V Achyuthan

    Mehta OS breaker? Petrus OS

    Note : No offense to Mehta Method with a title Recently I have been experimenting with Petrus OS I am trying to find a good way to do Petrus OS. Rather than just looking for a best case from a specific set during a solve this is because APB is the best version of petrus (for now) even if you get...
  4. V Achyuthan

    Blindfolded progression thread

    Hi everyone, So I am going to my first ever physical comp (not official) at Jan 15 and 16. The events I am going to participate are 3x3, 2x2 and 3BLD. I have not been practicing 3BLD much. So it's time to start serious practice again. I average 3:30 - 4 min on blind. I use a mix of BOP and OP...
  5. V Achyuthan

    4PB - An efficient, ergonomic, algorithmic, APB based 4x4 method

    Here I am presenting a new method for solving a 4x4.. 4PB (4x4 APB) can be considered as application of ABP on 4x4. The primary steps are : Step 1 : Solve 2 opposite centres (if you are not colour neutral these have to be white and yellow) Step 2 : Pair up and attach 2 cross coloured edges to...
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    FMC example solve game (lol)

    R' U' F D2 F' D' R2 B2 R2 D' L2 B2 D' U2 R2 D2 F' U2 B' L D2 R2 B2 R' U' F U2 B2 L B' // EO L' D R2 U2 F2 U' L2 D U2 L // DR U' R2 U' L2 U2 D' L2 F2 B2 D2 B2 L2 U B2 // Finish 28 moves Next : R' U' F D' F2 U2 L' U2 R' B2 R U2 L2 D2 R' D' R2 B L' D R2 D' B2 D' R' U' F
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    E2CR2 method example solve thread

    More info on this method can be found here - https://www.speedsolving.com/wiki/index.php/E2CR2 D2 L2 B2 D F2 D L2 U' R2 U R2 U R' F D2 U' L' F D' L B' D' y // inspection L' F' L2 U' D B // EO U2 L D' R2 U R' U' L U L' // LB U r2 // 223 // CP skip !!!! R U R U' R' U' R' U' R2 U' R' U R U' R'...
  8. V Achyuthan

    E2CR2 Method proposal | A method for OH solving

    I think this has some potential to be a fast method. (Ya I invented it) Here is the speedsolving wiki page - https://www.speedsolving.com/wiki/index.php/E2CR2 Youtube video tutorial with two example solves - Let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you
  9. V Achyuthan

    2 holes example solves

    U' L2 F2 D' U2 L2 F2 D B2 U' F2 R2 B' D2 R D' L D' U' F' L2 R y2 // inspection D R' F D y' // 222 U' F2 U2 R // BR pair U' S' U L' U L // FL pair S U R U R' // FR pair S' U' S // solve one more cross edge U' R' U' F2 R F2 R' F' U R U' F' // 2 holes CLL (not all algs generated yet) U' M U2 M' U'...
  10. M

    3x3 CFOP Example solve thread

    U2 F' U2 D B' U' L D' L' F2 U' D' L2 D F2 L2 U' R2 F2 L2 y' // inspection F R D L' D R' D2 // cross (7/7) y' U L U L2 U2 L' // 1st pair (6/13) R U' R' U R' U' R // 2nd pair (7/20) y' U R' U2 R // 3rd pair (4/24) F' U' F U' R U R' // 4th pair (7/31) r U R' U' r' R U R U' R' // EO (10/41) U2 L' U2...