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[Unofficial] UWR Bicube 3x3x3 - 11.280


Aug 7, 2019
After practicing it for 2 months,
I finally solved this puzzle in good time!

Cube - Bandaged Qiyi sail W

Scramble(F:green,U:white,R:red) -
U2 L U2 R' F R F' U' R U2 L' U2 R U R' F' U2 L2 F L' U R' U F U'

Reconstruction -

No rotations in inspection

U2 F' L' U' // Center rotation and free corner placing

U L F2 R' F' R U F' L' U2 // UBL to DBL insert

R U F R U' R2 F' // DFL to DBR insert

F' U L F2 R U' R' U F' L' U' // UFL to DFL insert

// DFR, UBL skip