1. Z - Canadian Cube Store

    CANcube is a really underrated store. As a Canadian, (previously is the best website to buy cubes. First off, shipping is really affordable. I paid $12 for shipping, and it arrived in 3 days. It has 24/7 email support. Once my friend bought a Silicone Lube from CANcube...
  2. teboecubes

    Why CubeHead's Yoo Cube Is My New Main (Unboxing)

  3. teboecubes

    21 Websites EVERY Cuber Should Know About

  4. teboecubes

    I Unboxed TheCubicle’s $3, $5, $10, and $25 MYSTERY PUZZLES And Compared Them!


    [Member Intro] Hey Guys, JFCUBING here!

    Hi, I am JFCUBING. I have been cubing for about 2 1/2 years, and I currently average about 12-13 seconds on 3x3. I am also a youcuber. (JFCUBING) I have had my channel for about 8 months and have recently passed 500 subscribers. I also recently got sponsored by TheCubicle for my YouTube channel...
  6. Humble Cuber

    Angstrom Ambition 4x4 M Review | Humble Cuber YT Thread

    Hi this is a thread for my YT channel: Humble Cuber Most recent video:
  7. Existential Shrimp

    How YOU Can Win A $10 Giftcard To TheCubicle! | Smash Bros. Tournament

    I am hosting a Smash Bros. Tournament for a $10 gift card the TheCubicle! For details, watch this video:
  8. Sub1Hour

    The Cubicle vs Speedcubeshop Debate

    Which store is better, The Cubicle, or SpeedCubeShop? Which premium service is better? Who has the most innovation? These questions and more answered by the community here at! We have heard many opinions about various cube manufacturers, but how do the 2 biggest retailers of...
  9. C

    The angstrom temporus thread.

    So, in the upcoming puzzles thread, I kinda started a debate about the price of the cubicles new clock, and so instead of crowding the upcoming puzzles thread, I thought it would be good to put it here instead. So, continue anymore thoughts about this on this thread.
  10. GAN 356 X

    Best cubes of 2019

    What do you think are the best cubes of 2019? Post your thoughts here. In my opinion: The events I know about 2x2 Tengyun, Valk 2LM, MGC 3x3: XS, X, WRM, Tengyun, MGC V3 Elite 4x4 Aosu GTS2M, Meilong, Valk 4 5x5 Valk 5 M Square 1 Volt 2 M, Little Magic M Skewb X-man wingy Megaminx X-man...
  11. GAN 356 X

    [Help Thread] New interesting products on the Cubicle

    Noticed these interesting new products on the Cubicle. This thread is for musing and guessing what they're for Heres the XSα They go under the name of Angstrom Studio a and ß projects. I wonder what they're all about?
  12. GAN 356 X

    Premium cubes: angstrom, cubicle labs, mystic, cubicle pro shop, supernova, or cosmic?

    What's better, angstrom, cubicle labs, mystic, cubicle pro shop, supernova, or cosmic? is it worth it getting a premium setup? Pick one of the four options for premium setup and one for whether its worth it
  13. R

    $35 Cubicle/CubeDepot for $35.97 SCS giftcard

    I have a $35.97 SpeedCubeShop gift card from 6 months ago, when I returned my GAN 356 Air SM. I don't buy from SpeedCubeShop anymore, because it's too far away, an a bit expensive. I would trade with anyone who has a ~35 dollar gift card from either TheCubicle or CubeDepot.
  14. a small kitten - High Quality Puzzles, Custom-Cut Stickers, Premium Lubricants & More! We are a cube store in New York. We carry popular WCA puzzles at great prices as well as premium lube and custom cut stickers. Hit us up anytime if you have any questions: [email protected]