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Best cubes of 2019

GAN 356 X

Aug 10, 2019
Somewhere in the cubing universe

What do you think are the best cubes of 2019? Post your thoughts here.

In my opinion:

The events I know about

2x2 Tengyun, Valk 2LM, MGC
3x3: XS, X, WRM, Tengyun, MGC V3 Elite
4x4 Aosu GTS2M, Meilong, Valk 4
5x5 Valk 5 M
Square 1 Volt 2 M, Little Magic M
Skewb X-man wingy
Megaminx X-man Galaxy V2 M/LM
Pyraminx X-man Bell

Events I know nothing about

6x6 X-man Shadow
7x7 X-man Spark, Hays 7
Clock Lingao, Angstrom Temporus (not out yet)
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