1. crazcube

    My new cubing website!

    Check out my new website http://cubeclub.tk/ hope you like it and please register :) thanks !!!
  2. rubikmaster

    Hitler on Color Neutrality

    Hi everyone, so I know you guys like my Hitler parodies and now I made an another one. In this video Hitler discusses color neutrality.
  3. BrokenZhanchi17

    Why Do YOU Like Cubing?

    I onlh started cubing about two months ago. I have gotten much faster since I started, and i really like it. But why do I like it? More importantly, why do you like cubing?
  4. G

    Hasselt Open 2013

    Hello everybody! The Hasselt Open 2013 competition will take place on November 2nd and 3rd in Hasselt (Belgium) You can find more information on the competition website or on the WCA website events: 2x2: 3 rounds || 3x3: 3 rounds || 4x4: 3 rounds ||Pyra: 3 rounds || 5x5: 2 rounds || 3BLD: 2...
  5. rubikmaster

    Hitler Hears About the 4.41

    Well, since so many of you guys like my Hitler is Cubing series so much I've decided to make a third one. This time, Hitler hears about the new 4.41 3x3 world record and he is very upset. I've also decided that I will be continuing my Hitler is Cubing series on the Cubing World collaboration...
  6. R

    Hi, Kwabena from Australia

    I'm Kwabena, 16yrs old, and I've been cubing for about 3yrs now. I began cubing when I saw my friend playing with a dreadful $2 cube and I just had to know how to solve one. So this friend of mine loaned me a cube and the rest was history :) I began speedcubing recently though on my 16th...
  7. omega

    Finger Timer for iOS is now available on the App Store!

    Finger Timer for iOS is now available on the App Store! Finger Timer is a speedcubing/speedstacking timer in your pocket! It's a simple and elegant timer app that you must have! It is easy to use, just like a StackMat timer. Free version...
  8. Iggy

    [Unofficial] Magic Average of 5 - 1.83

    1.76, 1.79, (1.73), 1.89, (1.99) That's my average.
  9. J

    4 Look Last Layer is slowing me down ...

    The only algorithm I don't know is the headlights alg in OLL but everything else I'm fine with but my times are slower than when I used Dan Brown's beginner method. Any suggestions? :confused:
  10. SoLarisAU

    *NEW* Melbourne Competition Layout

    New layout for comps second draft: (These layouts are subject to change both numbers of rounds and events) (Optimal 1 day comps) Type 1: *Blind* 13 or 14 rounds total* 2x2 - 1 rounds + Finals - 2 3x3 - 2 rounds + Finals - 3 4x4 - 1 rounds + Finals - 2 Blind - 1 rounds + Finals - 2...
  11. tato0498

    [Unofficial] My best BLD solve

  12. E

    Speedcubing History

    Hey People. I have a project on the Rubik's Cube at school and I'm having some trouble on finding some websites (other than Wikipedia, we aren't allowed to use that) on the origins of speedcubing and how it changed, etc. etc. For future use by other cubers and for my use it would be great if...
  13. V

    Tired of Guhongs and Zhanchi's! Other good cubes available?

    Hi, I have went through Guhongs, and Zhanchi's, but I still haven't got my perfect cube. I tried the Lubix Zhanchi and Lubix Guhong and they didn't work out. The problem is that my Dayan cubes are very easy to get dirty, and it limits its ability. I just feel the Dayans lose speed and...
  14. R

    Speedcube Timer [Website]

    Hi everybody, I have recently created a new cube timer for speedcubing applications. Most timers out there are perfectly fine for timing applications, but I think they lack the possibility to see my progress over time. So anyway, it is a simple cube timer that allows you to time your...
  15. D

    DIY GuHong Setup Help

    Hi all! Awhile back I ordered a GuHong cube because after looking at its construction, it seemed like it wouldn't lock up as much as my Cube4U cube because of all the rounded "seams" where each cubie contacts the others. However, after a bit of tinkering, it has sat in a drawer for nearly...
  16. ianography

    "Broken" QJ 2x2x3?

    Whenever I try to assemble my QJ 2x3x3, for some reason the screw won't be screwed. I push it down and twist it, but it never works. Does anybody know how to help? Thanks
  17. collinbxyz

    Timer Not Working?

    Lately, my timer would sometimes just go to 0.02 and stop there when I lift my hand, but just today, it does it the whole time! It sounds confusing, so I have a video on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5t6wwEuJR0 Check it out please! I don't think it's the batteries, since the power works...
  18. CharlieCooper

    UK Cubers!

    Hello all of you chatty UK folk Today while browsing in TX Maxx I noticed there was a three puzzle set in the bag/tools/man section that contained three puzzles for £7, which separately would probably cost almost £30. It included the first brainstring, which is pretty cool (I really like...
  19. pcwiz

    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    PDF Version of this Guide - March 23, 2013 Welcome! This thread will be a guide to help you get faster at solving the Rubik’s Cube using the popular Fridrich/CFOP method. Please read this thread and do some forum searching prior to asking questions about becoming faster. First off, the...
  20. M

    [Help Thread] How to increase Execution Speed?

    Lately I have been feeling that the speed at which I execute algs is too slow. My average is around 30 seconds with my LL being about 8-12 seconds providing i don't mess up. I use a 2-4 look last layer. What I do is make a cross on top which I normally do with vhf2l then I do a COLL then PLL...