1. PerfectSledge

    [Help Thread] Mgc 2x2M vs Little Magic 2x2M

    Which one should be better to start off with? Mgc 2x2 M or the Yuxin Little Magic 2x2 M This would be my first 2x2 and my first magnetic puzzle. Put down your thoughts they will really help me choosing a better one. I already average SUB 25 on 3x3.
  2. achyut1

    Extra Cubing Discussions

    So, yeah I have been recently learning 3 styles method of Blindfold solving and more than likely going for a software developer career. So, I just wanted to see if there is anyone out there who know both( Blinding and coding) and give some insights on the comparison of the " difficulty level" in...
  3. U

    How to solve Rubik's cube for beginners for dummies and also more faster(video)

    How I got pb 50 second in 1 week https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IqOqlek-OxU https://youtu.be/hVZkuVtIeJA Plz share it subscribe it and like it
  4. rubikmaster

    [Poll] Can anyone be sub-10?

    So I think this could spark up some discussion. Four or five years ago, almost everyone would have answered this question with "No freakin way!". But I feel that in 2015, posing such a question doesn't sound so unrealistic. The question is whether it is possible for every cuber to achieve...
  5. A

    Speedcubing Timer (Android)

    Hi all, I have created a simple and light-weighted timer for Speedcubers. Please try it and give me feedback on how to improve it. Thanks. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alvissoftware.speedcubingtimer&hl=en Why this app? • Light-weight – Simple and easy to use. No fanciful...
  6. King Mike

    The Salvia Method (Tutorial Needed)

    Hi guys... I really want to switch my method because I'm am currently stuck at around 22 seconds with CFOP...and I'm kinda getting bored of it. I've considered ZZ, but EO line is crazy. I've also considered Roux, its a possibility...but I've ALWAYS wanted to learn the Salvia method after...
  7. Amber

    Sub50 to 30?

    Hey I've been cubing for around 3weeks and recently learned the CFOP and around sub 50average but I can't improve from here My cross+F2L is 30sec Last layer 20sec I'm still using 2look oll And learning PLL now but my times are not going down IM doing around 50solves a day and have a moyu...
  8. crazcube

    My new cubing website!

    Check out my new website http://cubeclub.tk/ hope you like it and please register :) thanks !!!
  9. rubikmaster

    Hitler on Color Neutrality

    Hi everyone, so I know you guys like my Hitler parodies and now I made an another one. In this video Hitler discusses color neutrality.
  10. BrokenZhanchi17

    Why Do YOU Like Cubing?

    I onlh started cubing about two months ago. I have gotten much faster since I started, and i really like it. But why do I like it? More importantly, why do you like cubing?
  11. G

    Hasselt Open 2013

    Hello everybody! The Hasselt Open 2013 competition will take place on November 2nd and 3rd in Hasselt (Belgium) You can find more information on the competition website or on the WCA website events: 2x2: 3 rounds || 3x3: 3 rounds || 4x4: 3 rounds ||Pyra: 3 rounds || 5x5: 2 rounds || 3BLD: 2...
  12. rubikmaster

    Hitler Hears About the 4.41

    Well, since so many of you guys like my Hitler is Cubing series so much I've decided to make a third one. This time, Hitler hears about the new 4.41 3x3 world record and he is very upset. I've also decided that I will be continuing my Hitler is Cubing series on the Cubing World collaboration...
  13. R

    Hi, Kwabena from Australia

    I'm Kwabena, 16yrs old, and I've been cubing for about 3yrs now. I began cubing when I saw my friend playing with a dreadful $2 cube and I just had to know how to solve one. So this friend of mine loaned me a cube and the rest was history :) I began speedcubing recently though on my 16th...
  14. omega

    Finger Timer for iOS is now available on the App Store!

    Finger Timer for iOS is now available on the App Store! Finger Timer is a speedcubing/speedstacking timer in your pocket! It's a simple and elegant timer app that you must have! It is easy to use, just like a StackMat timer. Free version...
  15. Iggy

    [Unofficial] Magic Average of 5 - 1.83

    1.76, 1.79, (1.73), 1.89, (1.99) That's my average.
  16. J

    4 Look Last Layer is slowing me down ...

    The only algorithm I don't know is the headlights alg in OLL but everything else I'm fine with but my times are slower than when I used Dan Brown's beginner method. Any suggestions? :confused:
  17. SoLarisAU

    *NEW* Melbourne Competition Layout

    New layout for comps second draft: (These layouts are subject to change both numbers of rounds and events) (Optimal 1 day comps) Type 1: *Blind* 13 or 14 rounds total* 2x2 - 1 rounds + Finals - 2 3x3 - 2 rounds + Finals - 3 4x4 - 1 rounds + Finals - 2 Blind - 1 rounds + Finals - 2...
  18. tato0498

    [Unofficial] My best BLD solve

  19. E

    Speedcubing History

    Hey People. I have a project on the Rubik's Cube at school and I'm having some trouble on finding some websites (other than Wikipedia, we aren't allowed to use that) on the origins of speedcubing and how it changed, etc. etc. For future use by other cubers and for my use it would be great if...
  20. V

    Tired of Guhongs and Zhanchi's! Other good cubes available?

    Hi, I have went through Guhongs, and Zhanchi's, but I still haven't got my perfect cube. I tried the Lubix Zhanchi and Lubix Guhong and they didn't work out. The problem is that my Dayan cubes are very easy to get dirty, and it limits its ability. I just feel the Dayans lose speed and...