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Sub50 to 30?


Dec 4, 2014
Hey I've been cubing for around 3weeks and recently learned the CFOP and around sub 50average but I can't improve from here
My cross+F2L is 30sec
Last layer 20sec
I'm still using 2look oll
And learning PLL now but my times are not going down
IM doing around 50solves a day and have a moyu aolong
How can I improve?
My PB is only 47s :/
I've already trying to increase my practice time
I can't really get the hang of the cross still take quite a lot of time like 10s
I take really long to recognize my f2l pairs too..
And how long do you think I can reach sub 30?


Feb 26, 2013
Improving takes a lot of time, tons of effort and dedication, and extreme amounts of practice. You will need to do 200+ solves each day to see significant improvement. And the practice should be focused practice, likes blind cross training, learning F2L cases/algs for trickier cases, full OLL and PLL and fast recognition. In other words, you've just started and you have TONS to learn, so don't be impatient. We've all been where you're at, and its a marathon not a sprint. So take your time, keep practicing and never stop learning new things, and you'll slowly make progress.
May 25, 2014
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You've only been cubing for 3 weeks?... You will without a doubt keep improving. At 3 weeks I was at a couple minutes and now at 6 months I average mid-20s. After awhile your PLLs will speed you up. I've gotten all PLLs and a majority of OLLs. Overtime I learn an OLL it first slows me down but after about a week of using it it is in my fingers.

Keep up the good work!


Jan 30, 2010
Getting discouraged after 3 weeks is irrational. I have barely shaved off a second in the last 3 years. Keep practicing and you'll continue getting faster quickly.

For the cross start trying to plan 3 cross edges regardless of how long it takes. Once that's down to sub 15 seconds (official inspection time) try doing it with your eyes shut. Once you have that down track the 4th edge while not looking at the moves you're performing.

Your F2L should come along naturally but once again closing your eyes and performing the pair you are working on can help you to look ahead by knowing that what you are doing is correct and that you don't need to watch your hands but instead track pieces to be used next.

Keep learning alg for LL. Once you've got OLL and PLL down start drilling the individual algs and get them all sub 2.

I would suggest not stoping learning algs once you have OLL and PLL. Learn COLL next and keep on learning if you have the desire to become world class.

Good luck and your times are very good for only 3 weeks.


Jun 10, 2014
Your times are very good for someone who's only been cuubing for 3 weeks. Don't get discouraged because you feel that you haven't gotten any faster the past time. I was battling sub-19 for a long time, but when I finally got it, it didn't take until I was also sub-18.

Use your inspection time, if you are unable to track all 4 cross pieces in the 15 seconds you get, you should try to give yourself unlimited inspection and see if you can solve the cross blindfolded.
It is not a bad idea to test out colour neutrality early in your cubing career. If it's too difficult to start with any colour, see if it's easier to be opposite-colour neutral (White/Yellow)
Build your Cross on the D layer, this saves you a cube rotation.

Every one struggles with recognizing F2L pairs at first, you will just have to practice.
If you keep having trouble with one particular F2L case, don't be afraid to ask other cubers for help. I'd recomend the "Request an alg thread" or the "one answer question thread" here on speedsolving.com

Last layer:
The last layer is very much about knowing algs, recognition and fast execution.
4LLL will get you very far. Learn more PLLs if you want to get faster without practicing timed solves.

Do untimed solves from time to time, it helps your recognition and youu will get familiar with more specific cases.
Go to competitions in your area. Seriously, trust me on this one.


Sep 5, 2014
Put away the timer. If it takes you 50 seconds to solve a Rubik's cube, you don't get how it works. Instead of racing against the clock to get everything done, take it real slow. Analyze different possibilities and practice other methods like petrus, roux, heise, and (if you're feeling brave) zz. These will help you understand more how the cube works. I learned full PLL when I was averaging about your time and it only took 5 seconds off my average. If you learn full OLL, you will only get like 2 or 3 seconds faster (AFTER you get used to recognizing all the different cases). So that's 8 seconds off your time for an additional 60 algs or so. But at your speed, LL is last priority. What's holding you back is your cross and F2L, not your LL. I would say go ahead and finish full PLL, because the algs are easy to remember/execute and then just do full solves. Recognition and execution speeds will increase on their own. F2L will only get faster if you take the time to go slower.

So yeah: don't time yourself for a month and then see where you are.