1. M

    3x3 2 Colour (Blue Green) Official Rubik's

    Hi! Rubik's cube beginner here. Recently bough a speed cube learnt the beginner method and having fun with it! I've had this blue and green cube for 10+ years and never learnt to solve it, until yesterday when I used the beginner method with a bit of intuition and a lot of trial and error! It...
  2. teboecubes

    Rubik's Magic Star Fidget Toy UNBOXING

  3. teboecubes

    Solving The Largest vs Smallest Rubik's Cubes I Have

  4. G

    verypuzzle clover cube for sale

    shapeshifting verypuzzle clover cube for sale. I want to sell it fast. I only solved it once, but it is in perfect condition. $30 (or best offer)
  5. ruwix

    New online Rubik's Cube solver

    I made an online cube solver, using the Kociemba algorithm which can find the solution in 20 steps. The problem is that sometimes it takes too much time to find the solution so I programmed it to switch to 24 steps if it doesn't return anything below a threshold. This way it always finds a...
  6. IBACubing

    Unboxing A X-MAN!

    I got this parcel about 2 days ago and didn't have time to edit it because I was at the Singapore Internationals. Nathaniel Berg was there and I recorded his clock AO5 which will be uploaded soon! Enjoy the unboxing and tell me how I can do better!
  7. J

    Ideas to destroy my Rubiks cube

    I have a Rubiks cube that I want to destroy in a fun way, I was thinking either blowtorch, blackpowder, shooting it with a potato cannon or running over it with a car. If you have any ideas tell me, and tell me which one you would want to see.
  8. D

    check out my rubik's cubing app :)

    Hey all, im looking for feedback on a 2D rubik's game i have created called Rubik's Swipe (link below), its only for android at the moment so im sorry if you are an iphone user :(. Things some people have told me is that I should add more layers to the cube for added difficulty, or that I should...
  9. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 8.79 3x3 Average of 12! Yay, beat chris and .01 off kennan. Generated By csTimer on 2014-10-13 avg of 12: 8.793 Time List: 1. 9.523 F2 R' B' R U2 F' D R' U F R2 B2 U R2 L2 D L2 D B2 U R2 2. 7.893 U F2 L2 D' L2 D U2 F2 U' R' F' D' F' U2 L' B' L2 U B 3. 8.616 F2 L2 R2 U L2 F2 D2 F2...
  10. Blurry

    The Amazing Rubik's Brand?

    Well, I've been wondering about this question for quite a while, and scouring the forums for some sort of answer, but all have either been old or not explained in thorough detail. So. My first cube was a Rubik's Brand 3x3x3, I feel that is quite a common occurrence. When I got into cubing...
  11. A

    [Member Intro] Hi cubers any Ottawa cubers

    Hi im a new cuber started about a month ago my name is Abdullah and i live in Ottawa check out my YouTube channel this is how i started cubing when i was like 5 years old my dad was showing me a video called the fastest everything so then i...
  12. cubedude7

    Andrea Santambrogio Square-1 single WR 7.41

    So I just saw this on fb: Quite interesting, considering he got a 28.50 avg.. Any thoughts?
  13. SnipeCube

    Sub 40 Beginners Average of 5!

    Awesome!! Really good Ao5 for me, Used pogobats beginners! Plus I used a Store Bought!
  14. Akuma

    Original late 1970's Hungarian Rubik's Cube found

    A hungarian friend of mine knows that I'm a speedcuber and that I have a keen interest for all things Rubik. She brought me a special gift from her place in Hungary. At her parents place she found a rubiks cube in its package, so she asked if she could have it, nabbed it and gave it to me...
  15. Mikel

    2x2 Blindfolded Tutorial -

    I was asked to write a set of instructions for a particular task of my choice for my technical writing class. We were supposed to create it using Instructables is a great site that has lots of how-to type tutorials. I decided to write one on how-to solve a 2x2 Rubik's Cube...
  16. Coolster01

    Harlem Shake (Cubing Edition) Somebody had to do this... So I did. By the way, it's supposed to be weird :)
  17. U

    [Unofficial] 3x3 PB Non-lucky Single: 16.93

    Cube: Dayan Zhanchi Cross color: Yellow Scramble: D' R2 L' U' L2 F B' U2 F' R2 L' D2 F2 L2 R2 D' L' D' B D2 U2 R D2 F2 D' Could someone reconstruct this solve, please
  18. Z

    Rare Rubik's World 3x3 Sphere For Sale

    I have a rare Rubiks world puzzle sphere! It is the rare one that is 3 by 3. I am willing to sell it for a good offer as I know it is rare. Serious offers only please. Please keep in mind it is used. (No stand) Pictures can be emailed!
  19. ruwix

    Rubik's Cube Quiz

    There's a nice Rubik's Cube Quiz with 24 questions about the Rubik's and other twisty puzzles. I just completed it and got 18 points :) You should post here how many points can you get. See the quiz here:
  20. ryanj92

    UK University Cubing Societies (Notts)

    Hey, I am a student at the University of Nottingham, and for the past few months I've been toying about with the idea of setting up a Rubik's cube/twisty puzzles society. I wondered if anybody's done this before, and how it went down with the Student's Union, how many people were interested...