1. teboecubes

    Can I Complete This WEIRD Cubing Challenge?

    A challenge video I made from a challenge on this forum
  2. lego

    [Unofficial] 13.734 One-handed Average of 5

    Hi guys, this is a good average for me, so close to my pb (13,4xy) the cube is a moyu hualong :)
  3. V

    WTS - Big Pack of Cubes

    Hello i just sold a big pack of cubes, allright. I Prefer to sell this as pack, but you can choose your own cubes to make your own pack but you have to pay the shipping, so pick a good amount to make it worth. It's 230€ in total, If you pick the full pack i give you a discount then would be...
  4. DarioRubik

    3x3 Example Solves

    Here are some example solves I did, hope you guys find them helpful!
  5. lego

    [Chilean NR] Leopoldo Ibarra 10.12 3x3 Average 8.25 Single

    I want the sub 10 :D
  6. lego

    [Unofficial] 9.947 3x3 Ao12 (9.479 Ao5)

    First sub 10 in video, i'm so happy with my progress :D
  7. lego

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Average of 50: 10.29

    Hi all, hese are the times I usually do , but I'd be sub 10 could give me some advice please appreciate it. :) Edit: forgive me for my basic English.
  8. S

    What's allowed in competitions?

    Is this tournament trick legit? So lets say I have like 18.22,17.58, 19.84, 22.56 in a tournament, and it's your last solve. If you see that you messed up your solve, can you just stop the solve, count that as a DNF, and it will be an average of 4? Also, can anyone tell are there strategies...
  9. S

    WCA rules for DNFs?

    Let's say that you like screwed up your Pll and your time goes wayyyy off. Can you just stop the time randomly during the solve and accept the DNF? Does that mean that your worst time from your 4 will count as that one?
  10. S

    Top speedcubers?

    Does anyone know what method Feliks Zemdegs uses? Is he color neutral? HOw do you possibly progress your average from 10 seconds to 8? Thanks
  11. S

    Tournament questiosn

    Can someone explain to me how tournaments work? Like for 3x3, do they ask you to do your 5 solves one after the other or is there a break in between? If so, how long is the break? Thanks
  12. megaminxwin

    World Championship 2015 - São Paulo, Brazil - July 17-19, 2015

    It's been confirmed by the WCA that Worlds 2015 will be in São Paulo, Brazil. Website: Registration: Note: Registration will be closed on June 30th, at 21PM (BRST), or after 500 competitors have signed up.
  13. U

    Mosaic with 400 Rubik's cubes

    Hi there! I'd like to share with you my new attempt to do a Rubik's cube mosaic.. Here it is.. Abbey Road! :D Let me know if you like it and which mosaic do you want to do next time.. :) Thank you and thanks for watching!
  14. lego

    [Unofficial] Rubik Cube Average:11.35

    Hi everyone :D
  15. D

    Hey, Guys, DanDaMan020 here!

    Hello, Cubers! I am DanDaMan020, and I work with 2x2`s and 3x3`s mostly, but I can also solve the 0x0, 1x1, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Axis Cube, and am working on getting a 4x4. My best times are: 3x3- 50 sec. 2x2- 7.08 sec. Megaminx- 7:50 Pyraminx- I haven`t timed myself yet on it. So I hope you guys...
  16. DarioRubik

    [Unofficial] 8.97 3x3 ao12

    Tips and advice are welcome!(both solving and video stuff)
  17. APdRF

    [Unofficial] 3x3 12.15 Avg5 (10.27 single NL) + 4x4 single 48.81

    Normal avg with a good single: Tips are welcomed. If someone wants to reconstruct I lost the scrambles, but I have the videos in normal speed scrambling. And here a regular 4x4 solve with good first stage and bad edges: Another time I would like to have tips in order to...
  18. MovingOnUp

    Wanted: Rubik's Clock

    I'm looking to buy a RUBIK's Clock from someone, NOT the knock-off brand that you can buy all over the place. If you are interested in selling it to me please reply to the post or PM me. Thanks!
  19. musicninja17

    Konsta + Florian Shengshou V4...+ another mod?

    A little bit of a tack on to the konsta + florian mods...what do you guys think? Also...does anybody have an opinion of Dayan springs in this cube? How does it compare?
  20. rubiks dude

    the prepared solve challenge

    the challenge is about that I give to you a scramble, then you have two weeks to solve it in the fastest way possible, this is the scramble: B2 D2 B2 U L2 B2 R2 L2 U2 L2 F U2 L B2 D2 F2 L2 U' F' L' these are the rules: 1° you have to show your solve in a...