1. HelpCube

    One-Answer WCA Competition and Regulations Question Thread

    This thread is for asking one-answer questions about WCA Competitions and Regulations. __________________________________________________ A few weeks ago, I signed up my friend for a competition, listing his country as USA. The competition already happened, and my friend wants to know if there...
  2. M

    [Official] MIT Spring 2012 - A Dramatic Rendition

    My retelling of my experience during the 2012 MIT Spring Competition. gaBOhQfzWTI Check out my page to see my other cubing competition recap video
  3. Lucas Garron - Live Results for your Official Competition

    Jim Mertens recently coded up The intention is to offer easy-to-use live results for competitions around the world. The only thing you need is an internet connection where you can upload the (current) spreadsheet throughout the day. (There are a few more details, but...