1. C

    Fan Pyraminx algorithms?

    Please help me find the Fan Pyraminx algorithms. I can not find them anywhere. Google searches won't help me. PLEEAAASSSEEE
  2. CuberRiley

    [video] A Simple Tutorial to Solve the Pyraminx

    This tutorial is 2/3 intuitive, which means 2/3rds of it do not involve algorithms, and it is also the most effective way to solve the Pyraminx. It only involves use of a few short algorithms (which most you probably already know), and you can learn it all in the 5 minute video that I produced...
  3. IAmAPerson

    Pyraminx Blindfolded?

    Hey! I personally love pyraminx, and since it's such a simple puzzle, I thought it'd be cool to learn to solve it blindfolded! However, because not too many people do pyraminx, and fewer blindsolve it, my searches have come up mainly empty. I solved it once BLD, but it was extremely lucky. I...
  4. Coolster01

    [Official] Rami Sbahi - 3.76 Pyraminx Average

    (3.42), 3.79, 3.48, 4.02, (4.42) = 3.76 Official Pyraminx Average of 5! :o I really wasn't expecting such an average. :O Wow, this is awesome! I had some nice scrambles, I guess. That second solve killed me. ;( I should've looked ahead for the tips since I one-looked the body, but I didn't...
  5. SolveThatCube

    [OcR] Tim Major 2.28 Pyraminx Single I think every record deserves a thread. GJ Tim.
  6. PixelWizard

    [Swiss NR] Tobias Peter - Pyraminx Single 2.93

    First NR, done at Swiss Science Open 2014
  7. PixelWizard

    Pyraminx Race

    Hello together This is the official Pyraminx Race Thread. Information: - This Race is build on trust, so please be honest :) - A new Round starts every Wednesday (Noon to Midday in North- and Southamerica, Evening in Europe/Africa and Night in Asia/Australia) - Stages are: Sub-12 / 10 / 8 / 6...
  8. the super cuber

    [Official] Shivam Bansal 5.68 pyraminx average and 3.33 single

    (10.18) (3.33) 4.89 6.55 5.60 = 5.68 this puts me 3rd in India for single and 4th for average :) sorry for the bad angle :P
  9. S

    Easy Puzzles for a Beginner?

    So I've learned 3x3 and still working on getting faster(I'm at 2:15 average). I thought it would be fun to learn other puzzles starting with easier ones and maybe a harder one. I'm looking into: -2x2x2 -3x3x2 -Skewb -Pyraminx And for something harder I was thinking to start on my...
  10. natezach728

    What's Your Main Pyraminx?

    What is your main pyraminx? I use a Shengshou - white. Comment yours, and remember to vote above!
  11. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 5.871 Pyraminx Average of 12 + New Cubes On The Market Commentary!

    By the way, I am putting this here for the sake of the average, not the commentary because everybody on SpeedSolving knows about these new puzzles. Just enjoy the average! :) Here are scrambles: Average of 12: 5.871 1. 6.700 U' L B' U' R L U' B' l' r b' u' 2. 4.287 U L B' L U B U L l' 3...
  12. frici

    New online scrambler for every WCA puzzle

    Check out the new online scrambler for NxNxN cubes, Square-1, Megaminx, Pyraminx and Rubik's Clock:
  13. U

    The Pyraminx "Example Solve" Game

    Since there is no Pyraminx example solve game yet (atleast i couldn't find it), why not create one? Rules are the same as on the other Example Solve games. I post a random scramble from a timer here, the next person shows his/her solution and posts another scramble. This continues, and doesn't...
  14. K

    [Unofficial] Solving the Pyraminx with one Hand and Drawing Uwe Meffert in the other Hand

    Hello Everyone, Here you can watch a video I am proud of - Solving the Pyraminx and Drawing Uwe Meffert at the Same Time. Sincerely. ~Kitslam
  15. P

    [Unofficial] Pyraminx Battle [video]

    Me vs my brother ;d Prażek - 6.73, (8.85), 4.22, 4.27, (3.85) = 5.07 MM - (8.00), 5.22, (3.83), 4.81, 4.21 = 4.75 Scramble 1. U B L U R' B' L' B' L r u 2. U B L' B R L U' R' L' l' u 3. U' R B' U' L B R' L l 4. L R L' U B' L' R' U l' 5. U' R' U' R U' R' U' R' r b u'
  16. K

    Drawing Uwe Mèffert with Two Hands (Inventor of Pyraminx)

    Hello Everyone, I'd like to share another video that I am proud of It's a drawing of Uwe Meffert and his Pyraminx with two hands. I have long been interested in both Ambidextery and Twisty Puzzles and I created this video as a Tribute to him. I hope he, and you, enjoy it. Sincerely...
  17. Ickathu

    [Help Thread] Pyraminx Discussion

    Yay for pyra! Yeah, there's not a thread for pyraminx, and ottozing's recent megaminx thread made me think that a pyra thread would be good too. Discuss algs, methods, hardware, whatever you want to discuss that is pyraminx related. If you have any questions, post 'em here!
  18. Iggy

    [Unofficial] 5.49 Pyraminx avg12 (with 4.84 avg5)

    4.34, 5.46, 4.13, 4.72, 6.33, 5.02, 6.91, (3.81), 5.00, 4.97, 7.97, (8.43) = 5.49 4.34, 5.46, (4.13), 4.72, (6.33) = 4.84 Shengshou pyraminx. It's awesome. Except the fact that the tips pop off quite easily (like on the 7.97). Also kinda messed up the ending, the avg12 could've been a...
  19. CubeorCubes

    Shengshou Pyraminx and Shengshou 6x6 unboxing! 51morefun!

    This is my unboxing of the Shengshou Pyraminx and Shengshou 6x6. The Pyraminx is really nice, better than QJ. Turning is smooth with a clickyness because of the ball bearings. Overall it is one of the best Pyraminx on the market.