progression thread

  1. E

    Summer Cubing Plans

    Sup everybody! I know probably no one cares for a blog post, but I figure I'd write down my summer cubing plans, and if I'm gonna do all that then I might as well post them up here. I think I'm going to post this in the reddit and probably film an ao5 too. I'm just barely sub-30 in 3x3. I can...
  2. Tecknet

    Tecknet's Progression, Grinding for Sub - 20.

    Thought I might as well make a progression thread. I average around 24 - 26s and my PB is 19.43 seconds. I've been cubing since February. I started cubing back in lockdown 2 years ago, I learnt on my Rubik's brand and then "upgraded" to a Rubik's Speed, yes mistakes were made. I didn't learn...
  3. DaTroll18

    DaTroll's All Round Progression Thread

    Another generic progression thread, you get the gist. I have a comp in about two months, so I have a list of goals for that. Keep in mind that I want to average a bit better than this at home to improve my chances at the comp (also it doesn't have skewb or fmc). Goals: 2x2 Single: Sub 6 2x2...
  4. PyrbatNeoxi

    Petrus/APB Progression been a few years since i've taken speedcubing seriously, but i've gotten back into it for various reasons instead of posting just times, i'll update this thread based on things i've learned, since that's more important for a...
  5. BirbBrain

    BirbBrain's sq1 progression thread

    hello there! i've decided to get better at squan since it is one of my main events, (the other being 3x3) ill try to update this thread as much as I can and currently I avg around 20-25 and every like 5-10 solves a sub 20. my times are *very* consistent (sarcasm) but anyway, rn I'm memorizing...
  6. Timona

    Timona's Road to NR // Lagos Open 2022?

    Hello everyone who sees this thread. The name's Guy, AceTheGuy. I'm Nigerian and I've been cubing on and off for around 4 years since 2018. I did the basics, learnt beginners method and got good with it. I should have made this thread a lot sooner but I ignored it. Currently, my main method is...
  7. H

    Halqrius's ZBLL Progression

    I'm hoping this will help keep me on track. I'm using anki to introduce algs to me, as well as to help review a little. I'm learning 3 algs a day, until I know all of the cases for a COLL, then I'm going to spend a couple of days making sure those algs are in my memory. I'm also going to use Tao...
  8. Milominxx

    My new quest to become sub-10. (Progression and Youtube thread) (Week 4)

    Some of you might remember me but most of you probably don't. So about 5 days ago I started cubing again and I already average 16-15 and my goal is like the title says sub-10. Also btw this is my account I forgot the email for @Milominx
  9. White KB

    White KB's Cubing Progression Thread

    This is my progression thread. I have seen others make theirs, so I will make mine now. Post I I got 2 sub-9 solves on 3x3 in the last four days, which is three times what it was five days ago. (My previous PB was 8.667 on March 4th, and my two solves from the last 5 days were 8.303 [PB] and...
  10. StuntPlayZYT

    StuntPlayZYT's CFOP Progression Thread

    After two and a half years of cubing, upgrading from beginners method. I'm gonna create this thread to track my progression and memorize tactics n stuff. My Plan OLL PLL F2L Ill try to make an update schedule, but I'm planning and once a week or every 5 days. WELP, WISH ME LUCK...
  11. V Achyuthan

    Road to sub-10 with ZZ (ZZ progression starts after some pages since this was previously used for something else. Don't mind about the poll)

    Hi everyone. Here I will be posting my progress with a method created by me, starting from tomorrow. Further info on my method, you can watch this video - Any tips to improve/ develop the method can be given here. Thank you all.
  12. CubeRed

    | CubeReds progression | Road to sub 15 3x3 against CFOP INC | Journey to sub 1 4x4|

    PROGRESSION Road to sub 20 Day 1 Today, I am posting a progression thread to keep my practice regular and plan what to learn and improve. My competition is a day ahead, so I am going to be prepared as best as I can. I will be updating this thread every day Plan: Review all the PLLs I learnt...
  13. Melvintnh327

    Melvintnh327's Progression Thread | Road to sub-20 3x3

    I've seen a lot of people doing this, so I might as well do it.
  14. StrategySam

    My progression thread | new strategy for improving | Currently First Block

    I am currently around 27 seconds but I think a found a new approach to learning to be faster, faster, and wanted to document how it goes. My end goal is to be sub-6 with roux. My new approach to learning significantly better is by first focusing on move count then focusing on tps which I can...