1. S

    Professor cube methods?

    I know how to solve the professor cube decently, and was wondering which of the many 5x5 methods I should learn next. Which method does Feliks Zemdegs use? Thanks
  2. P

    Need a tutorial for how to solve the professor pyraminx.

    I've searched everywhere for a tutorial and I can't seem to find one. I really badly need one. It's driving me crazy. If possible pictures or a video would make it a lot easier. Thanks
  3. F

    [Unofficial] ShengShou 5x5 Single : 1:36.00

    I love this cube :D after breaking in it doesnt lock up at all ;)
  4. F

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Avg of 5: 13.92 + 1:33.84 5x5 Single

    Standard avg. Good solve. Tips? ;)
  5. AndyK

    Printable Rubik's Cube Guides (PDFs for 2x2x2 - 5x5x5)

    Hey everybody, I just remade my webpage and moved it over to its own domain. There are a bunch of new printable Rubik's cube guides and quite a few updates to my old ones. You can check them out below or you can go to my website: These guides were made for...
  6. pjk

    [Help Thread] 5x5x5 Discussion

    Text Algs Meep Last Two Centers Last Two Edges Kirjava K4 LL <-- parity algs for last two edges Videos Erik Akkersdijk LanceTheBlueKnight RobH0629 Dan Cohen Kevin Lee MeMyselfAndPi Feliks Zemdegs...