1. brododragon

    Changed Pyriminx?

    So, I've been solving the pyriminx a lot lately, and have an idea. What if you made a pyriminx, but just without the corners? The rotating the corners is just a clunky step that takes virtually no skill. Don't you just hate it when you get DNFs because you somehow forgot about/overrotated a...
  2. joeteee

    Fisher-Axis hybrid cube.

    Great CanChrisSolve video today, where he very quickly and simply made a mashup of the QiYi fisher and axis cubes! Looks like a great, interesting mod though:
  3. C

    Cyclone Boys G4 Modifications

    Hello, My G4 feels really sluggish. I am not afraid to modify a cube, so I came here. Does anyone know what could help speed it up? I just filed down each corner at about 45 degrees to help corner cutting, I don't know what they are called, and next will be the edges. I don't know what, if...
  4. C

    Moyu Aoshi Mod

    If you change the springs of an Aoshi to Dayan springs and clean out the lube, the cube will become incredibly smooth. Try it and tell me how it works out.
  5. Cubie Burd

    Rubik's Speedcube (Florian) Mod?

    Hey guys; I have a question about the not so new "Tensionable Rubik's Speedcube" that I haven't seen anybody try yet. First off, if you havn't heard of or seen this cube in action yet, I want to direct you to Cyuobx's review:
  6. W

    Idea for a 3x3 Mod

    I have a idea for a mod. What it would be is a 3x3 of 3x3's The core would be a 3X3. There is a apoxie skull arm from each cubie to the cube aprox 3 in long or far away that it does not touch another cube. I would go with a ZanChi or some sort of other cube for a core. I am still thinking about...
  7. Ordway Persyn

    Shengshou 6x6 screws

    Hey. I have a SS 6x6 and have replaced the screws to Dayan. However they stick out and prevent the innermost layers from turning. I have gone to five different hardware stores and could not find any ones similar to the stock screws. I don't want to use stock screws because they strip easily. Can...
  8. S

    Want to make a 3x3 ball

    Hi, I want to start modding puzzle and as a first project I wanted to make a 3x3 ball. Could anyone tell me how to do it and what cube you think would work best? Thanks.
  9. Tony Fisher

    Making an 11x11x11 V-Ball

    Over the next few weeks I will be showing how you can turn an 11x11x11 Cube into a ball. This method works for many puzzles so don't feel that you have to copy something this ambitious and expensive. I will start off with the demo video and add construction videos as I upload them.
  10. Teencuber

    Megaminx 120PEM Tutorial

    Hey guys! So if any of you saw the "Brutally Honest Cube Review" thread you would know one how much hate people showed, and two how much I disliked the cube. I took a lot of your suggestions to heart and did what some of you recommended me to do. I decided to make a 120PEM tutorial video, and...
  11. BurntTheCube

    Lube Mixtures

    I've seen threads about spring swaps but the search bar yielded nothing of lube mixes. So please post what lubes you mixed (including brand and viscosity rating) and how they preformed. I'll update this post with the mixes below: 30k Traxxas w/ few drops of maru = Not good 1/2 lubicle speedy...
  12. Teencuber

    Full 3x3 Barrel Mod

    Hey guys! So I did a barrel mod to a 3x3 a while back and I decided to make it a tutorial at the same time! The video is quite long, but that is because I showed the whole process. Hope you enjoy the video!
  13. Chernickov

    Full mod dayan 5 zhanchi

    Moding starts on 2:04 I'm sorry for my silent voice, microphone is not so good. P.S. It is recommended to cut everywhere evenly, and use a relatively smooth sandpaper for better results,, for myself, I also cut the caps of center pieces. Good luck!
  14. nuclearbigdaddy

    How much Apoxie Sculpt for a 3x5x5?

    I ordered 1 lb of apoxie sculpt to make a 3x5x5, will that be enough? I am worried that I will run out.
  15. Maccoboy

    Looking for ghost cube and/or old plastic zhanchi

    hey im trying to find someone selling either a ghost cube modded 3x3 and / or an old zhanchi (the original one with the old plastic) i live in the UK and am fine with paying more for postage because of this :)
  16. C

    Neat 3x3 Mod making it turn like a square-1

    This neat 3x3 mod I came up with just a few days ago: Yes its more like just two gen 3x3
  17. E

    How is the V-Cube 3?

    Hey, I may would like to buy me the new V-Cube 3... but what do you think about the V-Cube 3? Is it a good cube for speedcubing? How is the cornercutting? is it better in pillowed or normal? Must I do modifikation? Do you have any reviews/oppinions/knowledge? Hoping for answers ^_^ Greetings!
  18. cubeflip

    Rubik's 5x5 Mod

  19. M

    Type F-III mod

    This has probably been figured out, but i found a mod that reduces clickyness and lockups on the F-III. The blue part is the modded part, i took a tiny strip of sandpaper and rubbed the sharp part for about 15 seconds, overall, i like what this did to my cube, it's a nice feel...
  20. jla

    DaYan + mf8 4x4

    Hi! I bought a DaYan +mf8 4x4 a while back ago but it doesn't turn as good as I've seen others. I have lubed the inner 2x2 core with crc and that maked the inner layers a little bit less stiff but the cube still has a clicky feel and isn't smooth at all. I know this is the cube Feliks used...