1. CuberRiley

    LanLan Skewb Review

    Hi Everyone!!! Here is my official and complete review on the LanLan Skewb. I think this cube is really awesome, and I highly reccomend it Thanks! -RECuber
  2. rubiksczar

    Skewb Review/Comparison: Lanlan, Moyu, and Shengshou Skewbs

    Hey guys, I noticed on youtube there wasn't a very good in-depth review/comparison on the Skewb so here it is:
  3. penguinz7

    Super Floppy Cube "Example Solve" Game

    Not sure if this will work, as there is few super floppy cube solvers out there. but here it goes. For notation hold the cube horizontally, and then just use B, L, R, and F. First Scramble- L F B2 L' R' F L2 B Solve Back to square shape- B F L' R F' R Cross- B F' R' L' F' B Corners...
  4. Alex Rubik

    I like this Rex cube,but..

    Hello,guys,i haven't been here for awhile because i have a long journey .Now i am back cubing, after some coffee,i watched video from CBC and got to know this video very occasional.I am really interested in this Rex Cube,but since it didn't show how to solve it,so,still a problem. Can anyone...
  5. Isaac Paurus

    Looking For a 7x7 or 6x6 for trade or payment

    Hey all, i need a new 7x7 and 6x6, and i don't want to have to go buy a new one if I can get a cheaper used one. im looking for preferrably SS for the 7x7, but YJ, Lanlan, and vcube will be fine, and for the 6x6, pretty much just SS, unless its a fully Modded Vcube. i have a price range from...
  6. RubiksJake

    LanLan "Sepak Takraw"? 4x4 mod. No solutions exist.

    This is the puzzle I have. (mine's black but exactly the same as this) Things I know: It is created by LanLan. It (i think) is called the "Sepak Takraw". It can be solved similarly to a 4x4. (which I do know how to solve) Lastly, I have searched the internet for hours upon hours hoping to find...
  7. 1

    Best 2x2 speedcube?

    There have been some relatively new cubes on the market like the wit two (type c), edison (havent heard anything about this one), and the v cube 2a. I already have a lanlan 2x2 but i am starting to speedcube 2x2 also. Is the lanlan still the best speedcube or have any of the newer cubes taken...
  8. Axiys

    Selling Some Cubes.

    I have these cubes for sale: Mefferts Bandage cube black(like new) $5 QJ Skewb black (used) $3 Type D (has stupid stickers)(like new) $3 Eastsheen 5x5 black (used, but good) $5 Mefferts 4x4 black (good, bad stickers) $15 YJ 5x5 black (like new) $12 Dayan + MF8 4x4 (new, lubixed) $17 QJ 4x4 (new)...
  9. brandbest1

    Anyone have a lanlan skewb?

    yah so i think i heard somewhere that skewb will be an official event this year, so i want to start practicing. anyone have a lanlan skewb that i can buy? price range i am seeeking is around $7 or less.
  10. M

    Looking for a new ball core 4x4.

    I want to buy a new ball core 4x4. I already have a shengshou version 1 and I like it, but it's too hard to put back together when it pops and I just wanna try something different. I've been thinking about a Dayan+mf8, but it's too big for my small hands, I've heard a mini QJ breaks too easily...
  11. E

    Speedcubeshop Unboxing - LanLan Skweb und Alpha CC

    Nothing much to say beforehand. All the infos - as well as some regarding speedcubeshops service - in the video. Enjoy:
  12. Penguino138

    [Unofficial] 2x2 In 1.69

    This is my PB I got with my Lanlan 2x2. It was a PBL skip but I'm still proud of it. Scramble: R F U2 F2 R' F2
  13. Hovair

    [Unofficial] 2x2 Solve 8.73

    2x2 Solve 8.73 (feedback please) Here is another 2x2 solve that is great for me and is one of my best. dPpnCRiP0rQ
  14. Hovair

    [Unofficial] 2x2 solve 2.00

    I beat my old personal best on accident. I was doing my normal method to solve a side first ad then all I had to do was do a down turn. dWxFaZNVf2I
  15. Hovair

    Unboxing of void cube and lanlan 2x2

    This has an unboxing and review of the void cube and the lanlan 2x2. After these videos were made I replaced the stickers on the void cube with a japanese color scheme.
  16. Hovair

    [Unofficial] Lanlan 2x2 solves

  17. A

    My order of Cubes

    1. Type F-II 3x3x3 Cube (NIB) - Black 2. Alpha-V(Type A) 3x3x3 Cube (DIYKIT) - Black 3. Lanlan 2x2x2 Cube (NIB) - White 4. Cube4you Vinyl 3x3x3 Sticker - W 5. Eastsheen Super 5X5 Cube - A5S I paid 40$ for all that stuff a few days back, bought from Cube4you. Still waiting for the...
  18. PuduMaster

    LanLan 2x2 screw help?

    I just got a LanLan but because i took it apart too much and unscrewed it a lot, the screw wont stay in the little hole no matter how many times i twist the screwdriver. will the cube still work if i glue it in?
  19. PuduMaster

    LanLan 2x2 keeps popping!

    whenever i turn it really fast one of the center pieces pops out of place. how can i stop this from happening?
  20. collinbxyz

    Lanlan 3x3 Review?

    Does anybody have a review on the lanlan 3x3? My Best friend is starting to cube =] and his mom told me that she was getting him a lanlan 2x2 and 3x3 for Christmas. This is because he borrowed my lanlan 2x2, and I told him where to buy it. So his mom got 2x2 AND 3x3. I can't find any reviews...