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  • So I'm looking at heading to Edmonton for the Beyond Rubik's exhibition and the competition.

    Being I'm old and I suck (still haven't solved 3x3x3 sub 90-seconds), would I get laughed out of there? I mean, I know the cubing community it is cool, but I also know I'm way out of my league entering any sort of competition. I just don't want to waste anyone's time.

    I don't care if I finish dead last, which I probably would - having only cubed for a month - but I think it would be a cool experience. So I wouldn't be embarrassed, even with a really slow time. And having a WCA profile would be neat.

    So does anybody care if an old man who sucks enters? Or would I be better practicing a lot more before venturing into the seemingly fun experience of a competition? Just wondering what you think.

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