1. Lpell

    Intuitive Domino Redux

    I'm not sure if this was proposed or not, but i don't like the usual way of reducing into DR by simply orienting the edges and then the corners. My ideas is to orient the edges and corners simultaneously. How: just like the edges you can orient the corners by doing F/F'/B/B'. The goal is to...
  2. dudefaceguy

    Intuitive Cubing Resources

    What is intuitive Cubing and why would you want to do it? Intuitive cubing is solving without using memorized algorithms. If you want to solve with world-class speed, you need to memorize algorithms. But if speed is not your main goal, then there are several reasons to solve intuitively: 1. If...
  3. dudefaceguy

    Intuitive 3-Style as a Beginner Blind Method

    I recently learned 3-style as my first blind method. I did it completely intuitively, without memorizing any algorithms. This is an explanation of what I did, and a collection of the resources that I used. I hope that it will be helpful to others who want to learn 3-style intuitively for fun...
  4. dudefaceguy

    Intuitive 4x4 Method with Parity Avoidance

    This is the method that I use to solve the 4x4 intuitively without using any memorized algorithms, and to easily avoid parity problems. It is based on the Sandwich method, and also shares several techniques with the Roux method. In fact, if you use this method on the 3x3 it is just Roux. I call...
  5. M

    Dark Timer for Android

    Dark Timer Hi. I decided to make a timer. Source Code Key Features- Android Wear app - Now you can cube while standing on your commute or in a queue. It uses a circular progress bar to compare your timing with...
  6. CubeCow

    Any decent intuitive F2L tutorials?

    Yeah basically the title. I tried to learn intuitive F2L but none of the tutorials really helped me. I think I just don'lt understand the concept of moving the cube without ruining the white cross, positioning the two layers correctly, and still doing it in a minimal amount of turns.
  7. stellarzeller

    Intuitive F2L Tips

    Disclaimer: I'm new to not just SpeedSolving Forums, but forums in general. I apologize in advance for any rule i am inadvertently breaking. Hi, I'm just looking for some basic tips to improve my intuitive F2L. Right now, I'm at about 30-40 seconds, but I have a competition coming up soon...
  8. Windsor

    In what order should I learn things in?

    I'm new to cubing having started learning the LBL method about three to four weeks ago. Using just the LBL method and no finger tricks i can get about a 57 second average. My question was in what order should I learn things. I want to eventully learn full CFOP with and intuitive F2L, but what...
  9. C

    how winter variation works?

    Winter variation (or F2LL), like many other systems, requires learning algorithms. And I am just too lazy too learn 27 algorithms( excluding mirrors), so i've been trying to figure out how winter vatiation works in order to be able to do it intuitively (and by intuitively I mean without having...
  10. pierredewet12


    I can not seem to find someone that can explain the Petrus Method to me>>>>> you tube has been no help as all the people that put videos of them selves on there are downers and cant teach for there lives.>>>>> all i need is to get the intuitive f2l inside out. please help. any suggestions ...
  11. MrRubix3

    Intuitive F2L or Algorithm based F2L??

    Hey everyone, i have this problem when speedcubing..F2L process really slows me i was wondering and i would like to know wich is faster; Intuitive F2L or Alg. based F2L?? Also, is it possible to get a sub 20 or sub 10 using intuitive F2L?? Is just that ive heard people saying that...
  12. A

    algorithm vs intuitive??

    I currently use Fridrich intuitive f2l and i can solve my cube in around 35 seconds on an average.... i want to ask is learning the algorithm f2l worth it???? will it help me improve.. i can currently solve my f2l n 20-25 seconds....
  13. hippofluff

    [Unofficial] Pyraminx 5.55 avg of 5

    I am aiming for a NAR, but Felix Lee stands in my path. Regardless I will continue to practice, this is not my best but it's still a good average for me. PR avg of 5: 4.47, 12: 4.87 p.s. I hope this embedded properly I do not post much. Thanks!
  14. D

    [Help Thread] F2L Discussion and Help

    I have not been practicing Fridrich F2L more than a few weeks. I wrote these personal notes for helping myself out getting better. if you have any thoughts feel free to post them. my biggest problem is to spot the two pieces (looking ahead). putting them together is really intuitiv when you...