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  1. teboecubes

    How To Grow A Cubing Channel For New YouCubers

  2. teboecubes

    3 Tips For Getting Faster At The CROSS (feat. EFFORTLESS CUBER)

  3. teboecubes

    Dino Cube TUTORIAL | How To Solve The Dino Cube In 3 STEPS!

  4. teboecubes

    5x5 Redux Walkthrough Solves (sub-2:30)

  5. teboecubes

    How I RECOGNIZE All 21 PLL Cases | PLL Recognition

  6. teboecubes

    2 Ways To Solve The Ivy Cube | Ivy Cube Tutorial

  7. brododragon

    How to Memorize Algorithms Quicker

    I've seen many beginners complain about algs being hard to memorize, and everyone's been there. So I decided to make a guide to help even intermediate and advanced cubers memorize algs. This is a constant WIP, and I am fine with changing something if you see a problem. Most Important Rule: You...
  8. D

    How to solve the rubik's cube in less than 60 seconds (part 1/2) | Detailed tutorial

    How to solve the rubik's cube in less than 60 seconds (part 2/2) Almost everyone here is already sub 1 minute, but for those who aren't i've made a 2 part tutorial explaining how to sub 1 easily (part 2 will be coming soon). This video goes over the notation and the last layer (the second...
  9. luckysolve

    Solve Rubik's Cube with No Notation! good for beginers. Video

    I have been solving the Rubiks Cube for 5 years now, and can average under 16 seconds (100 solves.) In that time, ive taught tens of people how to solve the cube. My desire to teach and this experience has helped me craft an amazing How To video using no notation. My first attempt at a how to...
  10. Berkmann18

    How to get fast at any puzzles with any methods

    I came up with a list of things that no matter which twisty puzzle, which method you use and how fast you are, it will help you to get faster if it's followed on a daily basis. I already got some positive feedbacks from FB speedcubers I know and simingly on G+, so I wanted to share it for...
  11. J

    How does one figure out how to solve a puzzle?

    I am new to cubing in general. Most of the cubes I own solve like a 3 x 3 or something pretty similar. The only cube I have that has a fairly different structure is the Skewb. I did use a tutorial to start solving the 3 x 3 puzzles. After that, I started making my own algorithms in the form of...
  12. RageCuber

    Moyu HuanYing tension?

    I have two Moyu HuanYings. A white and a black one. I like the feel of the white one better, but the black one helps with recognition. I can't find good tension tutorial. Also neither can cut 45. Please help me! Thanks - Ragecuber
  13. Noahaha

    [Cubing World] How to Get Fast

    How to Get Fast is a series of 16 videos about how to get fast at the different WCA events. It will be released over the next four weeks, one video on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The introduction video explains everything: I will be posting the new videos in this thread as...
  14. yoshinator

    The Ortega Method- How it works, and how to be world-class with it [The video will be up soon, be patient]
  15. SAICubed

    How do I "slow solve"?

    Hey everyone, recently i have hit a spot in cubing where timed averages aren't working to well and i this. I need to change how i practice. I understand "slow solving" is a good way to practice it's just whenever i do this i feel like nothing is happening and i'm just wasting my time turning...
  16. T

    [Unofficial] 3x3 10.57 avg12 9.74 avg5

    oskcodqKuNQ 11.25, 10.21, 11.61, 9.42, 10.95, 9.62, 10.45, (13.29), 12.36, 10.02, (9.34), 9.78, 12.28, 9.42, 13.86 15 solves in the video Bolded is avg 12 and underlined is avg 5 9.74 avg5 starts at 3:47 (kept the 13.86 because I did CLL/ELL) Pretty good for me. Wasn't paying much...
  17. A

    How to solve a megaminx blindfolded?

    i recently purchased a megaminx and i can solve it easily while looking. however, i wanted to learn how to solve it bld, but i just seem to get my method to work, so im assuming there is a much better and almost foul proof method out there. if any one knows this method, could they please...
  18. P

    [video] Rubik's Magic - Trick to help unscrambling the rubiks magic

    Your Magic should be flat before this! It's going to ease the process of unscrambling the rubik's magic. It can cut down the process alot if you are near or at that particular situation. I hope it helps you! Now you can watch other guides and when you see them around that situation you can...
  19. jskyler91

    [Help Thread] Colour Neutral Discussion and Help

    In search of a thread where you can get some tips on how to become color neutral or simply discuss your triumphs and failures at making the transition? Well you have come to the right place!!! To keep this thread productive and useful, here are a few guidelines as to how this thread should...
  20. jskyler91

    How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Simplified

    I just thought that I would let you guys now that I made a few how to vids a while back. The volume is a little loud, but it is better than being a little quiet.