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How to solve a megaminx blindfolded?


May 28, 2012
i recently purchased a megaminx and i can solve it easily while looking. however, i wanted to learn how to solve it bld, but i just seem to get my method to work, so im assuming there is a much better and almost foul proof method out there. if any one knows this method, could they please describe it to me..



Aug 15, 2010
Carmel, IN
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You are also going to need a memo system as you are not going to be able to use the normal speffz notation and I personally do not like the way other megaminx memo systems. So here is what I have thought of.

First of all it is actually somewhat similar to the standard letter pairing but you can only memorize objects that are assigned a color at each object. Starting from the ULBl top sticker you assign your letter scheme with ULBl being A then ULF being B. . . etc. Then you go to LBU and assign F to that sticker and go counterclockwise assigning letters, then do the same thing on the front face and the right face. Then you also assign that to to the Dl and B face so it corresponds to the the previously described letter assignment.

Now you need to realize that all stickers the that go with there ABCDE face are all assigned the same color. The "up face" letters are are all blue, all down left face are all red, and all the back face are all yellow.

Ex) The F sticker that is on the BlBrB sticker that is part of the lettering that corresponds to the back face is the color yellow.

At this point this method doesn't help anything but what you do is you combine the primary colors in to specific other colors.

Blue-Blue: Blue
Blue-Red: Purple
Blue-Yellow: Green
Red-Blue: Pink
Red-Red: Red
Red-Yellow: Orange
Yellow-Blue: Lime
Yellow-Red: Black(Or any other color you want because there is no "other" kind of orange that has a common name)
Yellow-Yellow: Yellow

So to put this all together and give an example to you, you are memorizing the Blue I piece, the Red K piece, the Red T piece, and the Yellow T piece. The Blue I and the Red K would go together to make something like a Purple IKe, the Red T piece and the Yellow T piece would go together to make something like an orange tit.

So this is what I would use and is in my opinion the best memo method for megaminx if you do not know two other other languages.