gan 11 m pro

  1. Jam88

    What settings do you use on your Gan 11 M Pro's?

    I use the triangular corner to centre magnets, the corner edge ones are in the middle, and I use the dark blue GES thingies, and the white tension nuts are flush( I believe that this is setting one).
  2. TekO free

    My first sub-20 reaction (youtube)

  3. TekO free

    Find out the top5 cubers of all time

  4. NatoCuber54

    I'm selling a Moyu Weilong GTS2 M, and a Yuxin Huanglong M.

    Cubes are for the most part in great condition. The only thing is that the GTS2 M has some slight chips in the stickers and the on the Huanglong I swapped out the green side for a Limette Green. PM me for photos. Price is negotiable.
  5. YaleZ1023

    I entered a Cubehead Gan 11 M Pro giveaway, do you think i will win? (poll)

    Congrats to winners when the winners are chosen!