1. DiamondGolem12

    Cubing Truth or Dare

    Ok so I've invented a fun game so we can try challenges and learn more about each other. So you say whether you did the last person's truth or dare and how you found it, then you say a cubing-related truth and dare. For example: I picked dare. The 6x6 BLD OF (one foot) ao100 was pretty easy...
  2. yRuslanLuy

    Speedcuber Simulator - Best speedcubing game

    Speedcuber Simulator is a new game that simulates all aspects of a professional solving Rubik's Cube Learn new algorithms, boost your speed and solve the cube faster than anyone! I will be glad if you test my game) Google Play...
  3. Hazel

    The Favorites Game!

    The game works like this: You start a post by answering the last person's question, and you end the post by putting a new question. The question must always be "What is your favorite __", and you replace the blank spot with a topic. Animal, color, Harry Potter book, whatever. If you like, you...
  4. R

    I invented my own paper version of the ' Rubik's Cube '.

    I invented a new game called the Origami Snowflake Game. The game uses a square sheet of paper that contains 32 triangles. This paper is folded into a sequence of geometric snowflake shapes. The player with the fastest folding time wins. The game can be seen at...
  5. Noahaha

    The Newly-Cubes Game

  6. Noahaha

    Who Wants to Be a Cubionaire

  7. penguinz7

    Super Floppy Cube "Example Solve" Game

    Not sure if this will work, as there is few super floppy cube solvers out there. but here it goes. For notation hold the cube horizontally, and then just use B, L, R, and F. First Scramble- L F B2 L' R' F L2 B Solve Back to square shape- B F L' R F' R Cross- B F' R' L' F' B Corners...
  8. Readingrocks88

    WR Holders Game

    How well do you know your WR holders? Check out this game I made: It's also in my signature. Hope you like it! :)
  9. U

    The Pyraminx "Example Solve" Game

    Since there is no Pyraminx example solve game yet (atleast i couldn't find it), why not create one? Rules are the same as on the other Example Solve games. I post a random scramble from a timer here, the next person shows his/her solution and posts another scramble. This continues, and doesn't...
  10. Ranzha

    The BLD "Example Solve" Game!

    I couldn't find a thread on this and thought it might be a good idea. I dunno. Basically, post your solution (memo and movecount optional) using the scramble in the post above. List out what you're solving for each set of moves you do. Then provide a scramble for the next person. I'll go...
  11. J

    Eversion (game)

    Has anyone here played Eversion? It's a platformer/horror game, and tons of fun. Try to get all the gems... Download:
  12. J

    Speed Run Challenge

    Many of you have probably heard of This Is The Only Level Too. I started speedrunning this today, my so far my best is sub-5. Post your times :)
  13. brandbest1


    I got this idea for another forum, it's called "Ban the Person Above You". When you see a post, post something banning that post and person. For example: Person A: Boy, is it a nice, sunny day today!! Person B (next post): Banned because it's not a sunny day.:) Person C: Banned for...
  14. zmikecuber

    One word movie title

    I searched and couldnt find this game on here... lets give it a try... One word movie title... go in alphabetical order. (poster below this posts a one word movie starting with letter "b") Please no googling! :P I will start... Armageddon
  15. convinsa

    anyone has a 3ds?

    Just wanted to know who has one, if you like it, and whats your friend code? :) my friend code is 2363-5656-9470
  16. Plaincow

    League of Legends

    Anyone play it? my account name is Plaincow if anyone else plays it add me.