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How to modify PLL's to get anticlockwise movement?


Forever Slow
Feb 6, 2010
Vlaams-Brabant (Belgium)
Do you mean I should learn all the 21 PLL's instead of 13?
Yes indeed.
But to break down into smaller steps you can start with so-called 2 look PLL.

Have a look here for a nice sheet with algs, make sure to check his youtube videos too.

Note that some algs may have become a little outdated so take a look at the wiki page PLL that Sarah suggested.

Another tip: to reverse the direction you can just do the alg with your other hand (mirroring algs).
This way you do not have to learn new algs.
For me this works very well for A, J, G, R and U perms.

If it doesn't work for you; on the PLL page you will also find completely different algs so you can stick to right hand dominant algs if you prefer those.