1. YaleZ1023

    How fast are you?

    Feel free to change the vote if you improve!
  2. fortissim2

    My Road To Sub-20 (Tetris)

    So I've been playing a heck ton of Tetris recently, and uh. that's it heck I've been getting PBs after PBs in the 40-line Sprint category, and I'm aiming to be the 3rd Canadian to be sub-20! :) Wish me luck, and comment any suggestions to help me improve my times! Jstris username: fortissim2...
  3. Rainger

    Easy Turning Cube Recommendation (video)

    I asked around on the forums for opinions on the easiest to turn cubes. My fingers get tired pretty easily and an easy turner was a must. I compiled the answers I got and bought a few cubes and tried them all out. I hope this video can help a few people in the same boat as me. Easy turning cube...
  4. S

    3x3 Gan XS

    Hi! First post here, but after a competition last weekend I decided to buy a gan xs, and have been using it for the last few days. This cube is amazing. Coming from the GTS2M, it makes me really appreciate modern hardware. The tensioning system is very easy to use, just make sure you know which...
  5. Coolster01

    [Official] 1:00.25 Megaminx Single! - Rami Sbahi

    Louis makes me look slow. :( Terrible CP.
  6. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 9.16 3x3 Average of 12 w/ 8.673 Average of 5!

    gjangle Time List: 1. 8.336 R2 B' D2 U2 B' L2 B' F2 D2 F2 D2 L' F2 D U' R' D L2 U R' B 2. (11.887) L2 U' F2 R2 F2 U2 L2 D F2 U2 B' R2 U2 B' L' B2 U' B U L 3. 8.680 L2 B2 F2 D' L2 F2 U' B2 U2 L2 B' D L' U2 F2 L F' D U' F 4. 10.966 B2 U' F2 D' F2 U' L2 D' F2 D F' L2 F2 R' F2 R B'...
  7. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] [YTUWR] 4.341 Skewb Average of 12! (Stackmat)

    I'll try not to complain too much, but ugghhhhh that 10.33 was soooo bad. It's okay, I'll do sub-4 eventually. Times: YTUWR Skewb Average of 12: 4.341 Time List: 1. 5.050 B' L B' L U' B' U' B' U' 2. (6.856) R U R U R B L R' 3. 2.926 U R' B L' B R' B R 4. 3.525 U' B L' U'...
  8. imvelox

    [Unofficial] [Mattia Furlan] 8x8: 4:53.65 UWR single

    2:41/1:45/0:27 I finally get that :D
  9. antoineccantin

    [Canadian NR] Antoine Cantin 9.46 and 9.80 OH singles (12.73 and 13.34 averages)

    Antisune+PLL skip = lol The 13.34 average was the first round and the 12.73 average was the finals (second round). Finals were really intense, because Bill's times were really close to mine (14.90, (15.81), 11.88, (11.38), 13.08 = 13.29)
  10. antoineccantin

    [Canadian NR] Antoine Cantin: 8.79 3x3 average of 5

    (8.28), (9.63), 9.24, 8.75, 8.37 = 8.79 All full step too :D Done at Montreal Open 2014
  11. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin 8.53 3x3 avg12 + 8.00 avg5 and 6.87 single

    Average of 12: 8.53 1. 7.94 D2 U2 L2 U2 B2 L D2 B2 L2 B2 L D R2 F' L' B' U' R2 D' F 2. 10.63 F U2 R2 U2 B2 F' U2 L2 U2 R2 F2 R' U2 B' D' L' B L2 D' 3. 7.63 B2 D' U' F2 U' L2 D2 F2 R2 U' R' F' L R D2 B2 L2 D' F' U2 L2 4. 7.79 L' F2 U2 R D2 F2 D2 L' R' D2 L' F' L2 F2 U B D' U R2 F L2...
  12. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 7.126 Skewb Average of 12 With 5.946 Average of 5!

    Yay, very good averages for me, but I'm still slow right now :/ Sorry about the cut in the middle, I was about to run out of space and I think you can trust me that this isn't fake because I'll be beating this average soon, hopefully! ;p I also apologize for a crappy angle and that I didn't...
  13. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] 1.775 2x2 Average of 12!

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! How did this even happen...?! So yeah, I overinspected at the beginning because Lucas and Steve were calling me, so I answered, then Skype failed. Let me go pree! :D Average of 12: 1.775 1. 1.506 R F R U F2 U' R F' U' 2. 1.380 F2 U2 R' U R' U2 R U F'* 3. 2.101 U'...
  14. antoineccantin

    Antoine Cantin 24.11 PLL time attack (UWR?)

    :D Cube: Moyu Weilong Order: UUZHAAEJJRRTYVFNNGGGG
  15. antoineccantin

    [Canadian NRs] Antoine Cantin - 4.05 Pyraminx average and 2.77 single

    4.27, (4.61), (2.77), 3.71, 4.18 = 4.05 The 2.77 single was really easy.
  16. antoineccantin

    [NAR] Kevin Costello III - 27.36 4x4 single (DP) + 32.45 average

    According to his facebook post: Really amazing! :eek: Single: Average:
  17. antoineccantin

    [Unofficial] Antoine Cantin - 1:03.58 4x4 OH UWR

    I normally do 3-3-3-3 pairing, but I skipped so many pairs that I just did 3-3-3 or something :P