example solve game

  1. ProStar

    The Petrus "Example Solve" Game!

    This thread will be similar to the thread for Roux example solves, except for Petrus. So, I give a scramble, and you write down your own Petrus solution. The solution can either be a "first try solution", which means you would do that during a regular speedsolve (or you can even do an actual...
  2. penguinz7

    Super Floppy Cube "Example Solve" Game

    Not sure if this will work, as there is few super floppy cube solvers out there. but here it goes. For notation hold the cube horizontally, and then just use B, L, R, and F. First Scramble- L F B2 L' R' F L2 B Solve Back to square shape- B F L' R F' R Cross- B F' R' L' F' B Corners...