1. Humble Cuber

    Mystic MGC 4x4 Unboxing And Review | Humble Cuber YT Thread

    Hi this is a thread for my YT channel: Humble Cuber Most recent video:
  2. Sub1Hour

    The Cubicle vs Speedcubeshop Debate

    Which store is better, The Cubicle, or SpeedCubeShop? Which premium service is better? Who has the most innovation? These questions and more answered by the community here at! We have heard many opinions about various cube manufacturers, but how do the 2 biggest retailers of...
  3. T

    Trade a $20 cubicle gift voucher for new or second hand cubes.

    Hello. I live in the AU, but have a 20$ cubicle gift card which I would like to trade for a second hand or new cube, as their shipping is too expensive to Australia. Preferably, 3x3's and 4x4's. Thanks everyone.
  4. GAN 356 X

    [Help Thread] New interesting products on the Cubicle

    Noticed these interesting new products on the Cubicle. This thread is for musing and guessing what they're for Heres the XSα They go under the name of Angstrom Studio a and ß projects. I wonder what they're all about?
  5. C

    What is your dream cube?

    Hi everyone! This thread is basically just for telling everybody what your dream cube is. This can be any wca puzzle and upcoming puzzles will also count! I just want to see what cube everyone wants. I’ll start. I have two dream cubes. For 3x3 my dream cube would be a mystic gts3 M. My other...
  6. C

    Is there anyone planning on ordering from for more than $120 and wants

    Hey guys, I recently ordered $123 worth of cubes from the cubicle. However, I messed up my address details so the package was sent back to America (I live in the Netherlands). But since I needed one of the cubes ASAP (birthday present) I cancelled the old order and placed a new one. The Cubicle...