1. lorovec

    Atlantic Open Fall 2015 (Halifax, N.S. , Canada)

    An announcement for all Speed cubers, Atlantic Open Fall 2015 is a competition I (Liam Orovec) is hosting and organizing with the help of Micah Stairs who is also the WCA delegate in the area. Here is the information about the competition. canadianCUBING is pleased to announce the Atlantic...
  2. N

    Potential compeition in the Brisbane, Australia area

    Hey there, fellow cubers! At the moment, I am currently looking at getting a competition going in the Brisbane, Australia area. It would be good to see the kind of reception it gets from the Queensland cubing community. If held, it will likely be sometime between October of this year to...
  3. N

    [Help Thread] Organizing official WCA competitions

    So.. Today we (not defining with who) decided that we should make Estonian comp.. But when we make it then we will need a WCA judge/judges.. How can you make it? Because We think that we could make it but the only thing is the WCA delegate. How much and how can we get them here?? thanks...