1. sillyturdle

    13 Puzzles (2-7, yuxin 9, meilong 3 m, meilong 2 m…) and accessories. 90 dollars including shipping

    90 dollars to the us (as long as shipping isn't over 15 dollars or something ridiculous) Would prefer to sell as a group. 1x3x3 - YJ Floppy Ghost Cube 2x2 - KungFu YueHun 2x2 - MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong M 3x3 - MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong M 3x3 - YJ MGC v1(some chipping of the stickers) 3x3 - QiYi...
  2. sillyturdle

    27 puzzles, 8 magnetized, 8 lubes, $180 Shipped

    I want to sell my (almost) entire collection of cubes et. all because I have other interests now. I know that 180 shipped is waaaaay lower than what all this is worth but if I don’t get any takers at this price than I will go lower. AS OF RIGHT NOW I do not want to price invidually, this is for...
  3. GAN 356 X

    If you could have any cube you could want, what would your collection look like?

    Basically what the title says. I think it would be interesting to see what people would have.
  4. FastCubeMaster

    Rubik's Cube Collection!

    Half because the end of 2015 (I'm a little late) and half because I got 1,000 subscribers, I made a collection video! Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
  5. M

    Selling Entire SpeedCube collection (with Some Rare Other Twisty Puzzles)

    Hello! I have lost interest in Twisty Puzzles over a year ago and decided to put up my collection for CASH offers (paypal). Email me at [email protected] to discuss offers. PRICES ARE NOT FINAL My collection includes : 1 StackMatPro Timer w/ Mat ($15) 1 Shengshou 7x7; Great...
  6. B

    20ish cubes. Selling

    Hey, Im selling a bunch of cubes, please note that shipping is not free. You MUST pay for shipping and PAYPAL ONLY!!! I need to save for a pebble watch so im selling this stuff. cubes are used but not heavily 2x2 qiyi 5 dollars lubed stickerless. 3x3 dayan zhanchi 10 dollars primary lubed...
  7. D

    118 Cubes: HUGE Cube Lot/Collection

    This is my entire cubing collection from the past few years. It includes 118 cubes. I put my life and soul in to this collection, not to mention a TON of money. I think its time to sell the collection as a whole. Most of the cubes other than a few cheap 3x3's are in PERFECT CONDITION. I took...
  8. CuberRiley

    My Entire Cubing Collection (as of Feb. 2015)

    Here is my entire Cube Collection as of Feb. 2015!!! Subscribe and check out my other videos here: Thanks for watching guys!!!
  9. ImnotHoneydew

    Best puzzle in collection

    Hello everyone, I was wondering, what is your favourite, most proud of, best puzzle in your collection. I am interested to hear what different people have. ;) Thanks for posting!
  10. D

    Selling all of my cubes

    I want to sell most, if not all of my cubes. I don't have any time for them anymore and have lost interest in them. :( Here's a list of my cubes: And here's a picture of the entire collection: Cubic: 54.6mm Fangshi White Plastic Black Caps 55mm Stickerless...
  11. Ultimate Cuber

    Solving all 8 puzzles in my collection

    Solving all 8 puzzles in my collection!
  12. A

    My Cube Collection & Puzzles

    Hey guys, This thread will be dedicated to my Cube Collection & Puzzles and I will try to post a new video every day :D Hope you enjoy it! PART 1.
  13. SnipeCube

    Selling Cubes as a lot

    Okay, I have decided to sell most of my cubes as a lot, instead of separatly. The Cubes are listed below, I am selling the cubes all together, not seperatly. I will only accept Paypal, And shipping will be $7 to US only. Local Pickup will be fine if you live near SC. The cubes that are for...
  14. Maccoboy

    Modding Cube (probably Zhanchi) with magnets?

    Hey, not sure if anyone has tried this before, i havent been able to find anything yet but, i want to put 48 neodymium magnets inside a cube (probably a black zhanchi) so that it would turn more accurately, i know this probably wouldn't make it any easier to speed solve and would almost...
  15. kelseymckenna

    Roux Solvers Are Here!

    I checked around and couldn't find a recent collection of Roux solvers so that's why I am posting this! If you use Roux as your main method, please post, "Main: x seconds". x = your global average. If you are seriously planning on switching to Roux, please post, "Switch from y: x...
  16. ThomasJE

    Collection of places to learn methods

    I've seen many threads asking where to learn methods, algorithms etc., so I made this thread so people don't have to search for individual forums, they just have to look here. If you know any useful places, post them here and they may end up on the list. The list will gradually get bigger, so if...
  17. brandbest1

    My Cube Collection/Possible Giveaway

  18. C

    Selling Large Cube Collection

    $5 Cubes! - Large Collection I will post pictures, or quote shipping by request. I am finally selling off my cube collection. I just want to get rid of them, and I need the money for university. This is not all of my collection, merely what I can find, and for the most part identify. More...