1. Meneghetti

    [SAR] 26.45 BLD mo3 - Gianfranco Huanqui

    3rd in the world! 31.97, 23.92, 23.46 Cube: AolongV2 Sick execution in the last 2 solves...
  2. lego

    [Unofficial] 9.39 3x3 average of 12

    I want the official sub 10 soon
  3. lego

    [Unofficial] 13.734 One-handed Average of 5

    Hi guys, this is a good average for me, so close to my pb (13,4xy) the cube is a moyu hualong :)
  4. Coolster01

    [Unofficial] Megaminx Single: 1:44.368 PB!

    I can't be bothered to learn OLL and PLL for megaminx. For now, this is my personal best: http://youtube.com/watch?v=E7oHw4EaOZU :tu EDIT: I don't know why the video isn't showing. It may have something to do with posting from an iPad. Help?
  5. Noahaha

    BLD Splits

    Post your average splits for the BLD events you do as well as your average total time for a good solve. Maybe we can learn something. NOTE: Your splits don't have to add up to your average since a lot of random stuff happens during BLD :/ I'll go first: 3BLD Total: 40 Memo: 13 (I've gotten a...
  6. B

    Need help getting faster

    I've been doing Fridrich for about a month. (f2l intuitively, 4LLL). I am averaging about 34 seconds right now, with a pb of 23.94 (easy OLL, PLL skip). on an average of 5, my cross was 4 seconds, f2l was 16 seconds, 2LOLL was 7 seconds, 2LPLL was 7 seconds. What is my next step in getting...
  7. M

    [Unofficial] 5.34 2x2 Average of 5

    Love this cube! Cube: Wittwo 5.34 Average of 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ot8szpCvNQ
  8. Iggy

    [Unofficial] 2.60 Master Magic Average

    2.50, 2.52, (3.25), 2.78, (2.21) = 2.60 Subbed both NRs.
  9. brandbest1

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Average of 5 (Using Roux): 34.55

    I just realized that I'm not totally noob at Roux.
  10. Nico1

    Comparison Solves

    In this thread we can use the same set of scrambles to compare solves. This will allow for an easy collaboration, and there can be discussion on which scrambles allowed for easy/ hard crosses, x-crosses, how to save a pair, hot to not waste a cube rotation, etc. 4 Scrambles: 1. R2 D' R'...
  11. Iggy

    [Unofficial] Master Magic avg of 5 - 3.42

    3.24, (3.09), 3.22, (8.32), 3.80 = 3.42 Tied the NR average! Also subbed the NR single in the video. Could've been better though. The 8 really blew it.
  12. T

    [Unofficial] 11.06 3x3 avg12 (10.54 avg5, 8.73 single)

    10.04, 10.88, 10.59, 10.15, 12.41, 12.23, 11.19, 9.45, 12.42, (13.92), 11.23, (9.31) 1-5 is 10.54 avg5. 8.73 single is at 6:19(not part of the avg) So close to sub 11... rolled with an 11 and a 19 :fp Guhong
  13. Gerra

    Help on programming different average calculations (©TapStack Pro).

    Hi there, I need help on calculating different type of averages (I have guess how to work it out, but I want to be sure about it). Assuming I have a session with 200 or more times: Current average of 5/12/50/100 (What times to exclude, if any) Rolling average of 5/12/50/100 Best average of...
  14. PandaCuber

    [Unofficial] Roux 17.45 Average of 5

    I messed up A LOT, but I still got a good average and thankfully I got really easy scrambles. Oh and I forgot to turn the screens brightness down, Sowie. Tips would be lovely <3
  15. collinbxyz

    How Fast Are You? (2011 Poll)

    Note: I know about this thread, but this is from over a year ago, and I wanted a more up to date poll! It is nearing the end of 2011, and I thought I'd poll how generally fast the forum is for the 3x3. Please be honest, your name won't show up for the option that you chose. Also, I'm pretty...
  16. collinbxyz

    [Unofficial] Collin Burns - 13.44 3x3 Ao5 - Tips?

    I thought I might as well put this up. Tips please? This is a pretty good average for me, but not my PB. I am almost always sub-15 now, unless I haven't warmed up. This is .07 of my PB ao5. I know Full PLL, but only about 15 OLL's (haven't been learning any lately). CFOP, of course...
  17. PandaCuber

    Beginners Time.

    Well I havent been cubing for long and I would like to post my times in a place were there arent sub 15 second times lol. Average: 50.25 Average of 3: 48.26 Standard Deviation: 5.98 1. 48.99 2. 51.89 3. 44.46 4. 58.13 5. 47.73 6. 58.79 7. 47.13 8. 43.33 9. 57.80 10. 56.77 11...