1. Vivaldo Roque

    Android app to train F2L, OLL, PLL, COLL and WV.

    Hello, how are you? I'm fine. I came to inform you that I have been developing an application for Android called "CFOP Trainer", with which you can train F2L, OLL, PLL, COLL, WV and PLL Recognition. It has several language options which are: English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian...
  2. M

    Cubing Apps for Android

    Hello everyone! Could you please take a moment and give me some examples of cubing apps for Android and tell me what you like, what you don't like or for example what you are missing in these? I'm going to create an Android app as a seminar work at school. I would like to have your...
  3. L

    Let's cube timer - the new android timer!!

    Hi! I've developped a new android timer called Let's cube timer! You can find it by tapping his name on google play or following this link : I've already few users (around 60) and all of them said that is the best mobile timer! I've done some updates to improve my app...
  4. denthebro

    Export speedtimer session

    I use speedtimer for Android and I want to move to another timer, but I dont want to get rid of my 7100 solves in 3x3 alone. I tried pressing session, then after 30 seconds it loaded all of the solves, then I pressed share, since I needed the text with all of the individual solves, but that...
  5. M

    Dark Timer for Android

    Dark Timer Hi. I decided to make a timer. Source Code Key Features- Android Wear app - Now you can cube while standing on your commute or in a queue. It uses a circular progress bar to compare your timing with...
  6. W

    Sune timer (Android) -- Major Update

    Hey everyone, Two years ago - I launched Sune timer right here on forums. Throwback to that: Since then, I've become a significantly better programmer. This...
  7. D

    check out my rubik's cubing app :)

    Hey all, im looking for feedback on a 2D rubik's game i have created called Rubik's Swipe (link below), its only for android at the moment so im sorry if you are an iphone user :(. Things some people have told me is that I should add more layers to the cube for added difficulty, or that I should...
  8. A

    Speedcubing Timer (Android)

    Hi all, I have created a simple and light-weighted timer for Speedcubers. Please try it and give me feedback on how to improve it. Thanks. Why this app? • Light-weight – Simple and easy to use. No fanciful...
  9. C

    SpeedCube Toolkit - An android app with timer, graphs and algoritms that needs help!

    So i just finished my first android application, that's obviously a Cube Timer :D. Since you guys probably know a lot more than me about cubing, i would really appreciate some reviews, opinions and suggestions for improvments. :) On top of that, suggestions about new features would be highly...
  10. suushiemaniac

    CompAssistant - an Android competition toolbox

    Hey everyone, today I proudly present you my first public Android app: CompAssistant It's designed as a toolbox for cubing competitions. Features Inspection timing Single tap to start timing Displays announcements like "8 seconds" Displays eventual penalties if 15 seconds are...
  11. samuelqwe

    CCT like timer on mobile?

    Hi everyone, i was thinking about this idea to create an ios/android app that would allow the stackmat timer to be connected to the phone. Kind of like CCT. I think this would be possible since CCT uses audio frequencies to detect time. So, since an iphone does have a microphone/headphones...
  12. plusCubed

    plusTimer - Open Source Android Timer with TNoodle Scrambles

    Hi everyone! plusTimer is an Android timer that I am developing. Suggestions are more than welcome. If you would like to email me: [email protected] Direct APK Downloads and Changelog If you find a bug, please tell me or file an issue on GitHub. Thank you! Current beta version...
  13. U

    Cubecomps for Android

    I'm very proud to announce Cubecomps for Android Special thanks to Luis J. Iáñez for and Cisco for implementing the API. It's a very simple app, but I hope you like it! :)
  14. B

    Tap Timer - The Next Best Speed Solving App for Android

    Hey everyone, you may or may not have noticed a new speed solving app in development in this forum post over the past two weeks. Today I've decided to release it to both the Google Play Store as well as the Amazon App Store for free. (If searching from the market, it's pretty far down the list)...
  15. W

    New android App. Any Thoughts?

    Hey guys, I just released a new android app that I think is really awesome for the cubing community called "Sune Timer". I added a basic timer that allows you to track times for five different puzzles, along with in-depth statistics, scrambles, and a performance graph. I have also upload EVERY...
  16. DarioRubik

    Best Mobile timers (iOS/Android)+ giveaway
  17. U

    chronoPuzzle (timer for Android devices: smartphone and tablet)

    ChronoPuzzle is a Rubik's cube timer and scrambler for speedcubers. If you are not at home and if you don't have a stackmat with you, ChronoPuzzle is what you need! Discovering how fast you are has never been so simple. Features: • Scramble for 2x2 to 7x7, Rubik's Clock, Pyraminx (Random...
  18. omega

    Finger Timer Free (for Android)

    There is a new Speedcubing/Speedstacking Timer available in Android Market. Finger Timer Free It's very simple, beautiful, and free. :tu You can try it.
  19. C

    how may of you guys have android devices?

    how many of you guys have android devices? Hi, I'm developing a timer for Android and I'm releasing it soon (the first version, there will be upgrades with new ideas I'm working on). Question is: how many cubers do have Android devices? I'll most likely sell it for 1€ or $1 in the Android...