1. S1neWav_

    Progression to learn what I call "Full ZZ"

    Hey SS forums! I am not an extraordinary cuber by any means, but I am an alg fanatic. I am going to be learning all of the mainstream zz variants. I may or may not decide to learn more, depending on new incoming variants. This will be something I can challenge myself with, and also it would be...
  2. abunickabhi

    Application of memory techniques for Speedsolving

    Original discussion here: Quoting Abendregen, "In speedcubing, we have Algorithms. An algorithm is a memorized sequence of moves that achieves something on the cube and that has to be done quickly. There are...
  3. T

    Help generating OLL cases...

    So, I want to get an OLL case. Besides reversing the algorithm or spamming the algorithm, is there a way I can recreate JPerm's algorithm generator on his website? How do I generate those algs? I have coding experience, so I should just need instructions.
  4. Cubingcubecuber

    Cubingcubecuber YT Thread | Collin Burns OLLCP

  5. T

    Alg discussion

    This thread is an attempt at the question we've all asked a bunch of times: What alg set should I learn next? I know F2L OLL AND PLL. I am now clueless about what to learn next.
  6. Etotheipi

    Lights Out Methods and Algorithms

    So, to practice PyQt5, I decided to make a simple Lights Out game for practice, which made me think of methods for it. Right now I just "drag" the light to one side, but I can't do anything with it from that point. So i thought it would be interesting to explore its methods and algorithms.
  7. fortissim2

    My new OLLCP sheet!

    I got bored one day, so I decided to make an OLLCP sheet with useful anti-diag algorithms! There are about 170 of them, but you don't need to learn them all to be good. The dot OLLCPs are very good to learn, as well as some bad OLL cases (like OLL #55). Feel free to copy and practice them, and...
  8. B

    Megaminx Alg Sets

    Out of curiosity I was thinking about if megaminx had a bunch of alg sets like 3x3x3 since they are relatively similar to solve. During my research I could only find full oll almost full pll(still in progress) ell and cll for 3 cycle corners. Why has megaminx not developed a bunch like 3x3x3...
  9. T

    New QWERTY to heise autohotkey script + 3x3 solve reconstruction in 1:33.42!

    I started on this before I realized that Andy Klise and Lucas Garron had done it before, but I figured I could add a few extra features. I hope some of you will find this useful. This script allows you to type algorithms using your keyboard with the same controls as Ryan Heise's simulator...
  10. Ollie

    Updated: full 3-style commutators - GitHub repository containing TSVs. - Google Drives spreadsheet format. Can comment and view. My algorithms: Are designed to be as...
  11. KenBrace

    Learning Full ZBLL - My Journey

    Folks, I have decided to embark on possibly the most difficult speed cubing accomplishment out there. I'm going to learn full ZBLL. My goal is to learn at least one algorithm per day on average. At this rate it'll take me 1 - 2 years to learn the whole bit. I've got 493 algorithms...
  12. Parity Case

    New PLL guide, with algorithms and performance notes for all 84 angles

    Last night, I finished putting together a downloadable PLL guide, with algorithms and performance notes for all 84 angles. It's a PDF containing internal hyperlinks for nonlinear use. The algs I curated are a combination of: (a) algs I've come up with, either on my own or by using Cube...
  13. CubeWizard23

    Poll: Percentage of Lefty Cubers!

    I'm wondering how many of us - the speedcubers - are lefthanded/ambidextrous. I am, and i think it helps me a bit, i am able to do both lefty and righty versions of algs. let me know! -CW23
  14. CriticalCubing

    OLL Sheet

    Hey All, How's it going! So, I made a blank OLL Sheet for my subscribers which I will be uploading soon to Youtube, but before doing that, I though of sharing it with all of you. So, this is a blank and editable word document and I just included pictures and no algs so that you can include...
  15. M

    What to Learn after full OLL?

    Alright so I'm finishing up with the oll algs so now I don't know what to spend my time on (besides the obvious f2l improvement) anyway I know full OLL and PLL and I'm color neutral so I'm just wondering whats the most important thing right now. P.S I average 18-20 if that helps at all...
  16. yoshinator

    4x4 Parity Algorithms- 1.02 and 2.09

  17. Noahaha

    Noah's 3-Style Algs

    I'll eventually have all my corner cycles and edge cycles here. I'm mostly doing this for myself so that I can force myself to find my bad cycles, but I think it might be useful for other people to see as well. Feel free to tell me better or just different algs for certain cycles. I'm sorry that...
  18. K

    Request - Fridrich Setup Algorithms

    Sorry if this question has been answered already, but I have searched all over the forums, wiki and popular cubing websites. I want to learn Fridrich F2L, OLL and PLL algorithmically. But, to practice each algorithm, I need the setup formulae for each of the cases. Dan's cubestation had them...
  19. MarcelP

    [MarcelP] Last Layer trainer

    I released a new version of my Scrambler: Download scrambler_v2_3_0.jar here The UI is almost the same. Except is has more options: It shows the solution in the title: In the text files you can replace an alg with your own. You can give it a different name. And best of all, you can turn...
  20. luhdi

    Original PLL video: algorithms and fingertricks

    With this video You can choose which PLL you want to see just by clicking on it. When you are on the video of one PLL you can click on "back to the Homepage" to watch other PLLs. If you want to see it directly on youtube :