1. melvynp

    Algs trainer

    Hi everyone, i'm a french developer who've made an online app to train our speed at PLL, OLL and COLL. The app look like this, and you can practice over 3 modes : Classical : You choose the perm you want in the perm list (with "select" buttons) Random : The app choose a perm randomly before...
  2. CubeRed

    Alg variants discussion

    So I have had a wondering of how various algorithms are made and why people use them. Some are generated. Some are discovered and popularized. For example, the lefty Nb perm is said to have less overwork then the righty Nb algorithm. Why is this and how does it affect speedcubing? How are these...
  3. Existential Shrimp

    only true gamers use this h perm...

    Two things: first of all, please read the entire description. Second of all, you probably shouldn't actually use this h perm. The one I showed in my last video is much better. The only reason I made a video on this alg is because it is technically "objectively optimal".
  4. effperm

    (CANCELLED) OO* 3x3 Algs, Algs from other people and PB Sheets (by me, brian sun, and a bunch more)

    this is a google sheet and its pretty cool WOW (<--- LINK HERE) the roux algs are not finished yet tho and it also contains other algs from other people, and it contains PB Sheets from people and if you feel like i didnt credit you pls tell me if you want to add a cool new alg, a new alg...
  5. Pawel

    RotoSphere Level 4

    Finally, I am able to move along with the Rotosphere game. I know how to solve it, so I can test my programming. I've read that it took Erno Rubik about a month to solve the Rubik's cube for the first time. Well, level 4 of Rotosphere took me longer than that. Just like Rubik before me, I...
  6. Alexuty

    A 2-Look CMLL Beginner's Guide Sheet

    Hey there, made this one myself. Feedback and tips are appreciated. Be gentle :) I tried to format it so that it fits on one page for printing purposes. It's very bare bones since i'm still not experienced. If you have any contributions, let me know!
  7. V

    What systems do world record holders use?

    Greetings, I was wondering what speedcubing method is generally considered to be the fastest, and which ones do record holders use? And which one in your opinion is the most fun one? :) Regards, Vedyl
  8. J

    How does an alg affect the cube? (Full and complete answer please)

    Hello, My name is Jay. I am 21 years old with self taught knowledge in mathmatics and Group Theory. I've lurked this website for some time now, understand most of the topics of disscussion, and now pose a question to further my own understanding. So given all the information from this website...
  9. troyknowsitall

    memorizing algorithoms

    here is my method on how to memorizing algs
  10. teller

    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    Is this a thread where I get to ask a question? :confused: What makes an alg a "2-gen?" I've heard this term and I don't understand.