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Jun 17, 2020
Finally, I am able to move along with the Rotosphere game. I know how to solve it, so I can test my programming.

I've read that it took Erno Rubik about a month to solve the Rubik's cube for the first time. Well, level 4 of Rotosphere took me longer than that. Just like Rubik before me, I needed to observe & develop a series of moves (algorithms) to reliably transfer tiles from one position to another. Finally today, I've got it!

For now, I am not going to publish those algorithms... Instead, I will let people discover them on their own. This is really the fun part and unlike Rubik's cube where you can find answers online in a few seconds, for now, Rotosphere has no past and there is nobody who can show you the way.

The challenging parts I am talking about are levels 3 and especially 4 geometries -- Levels 1 & 2 rotate only small parts of the sphere and because of this, they are easy...

To help to learn, I will add a special training mode where people start from the solved position from where they can take steps back and observe what happens when they rotate different axis. (Normal mode would end the game once the Rotosphere is solved) this mode will also include the ability to use numbers on each tile.

This is really, REALLY a terrific game to play! I will have to make a physical one as well. - Time to dust off and fix my 3d printer...

Play online on rotosphere.org
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