1. Sub1Hour

    Race to sub x on 2-7 relay

    Race thread for 2-7, nothin more, nothin less.
  2. R

    Selling 356X, Moyu Aofu Gts m 7x7 and Qiyi/X-man Spark M 7x7

    Good condition for all of the puzzles, they are all stickerless and include original box and accessories (Including GES nuts + Magnets ect). Puzzles are decently lubed, tentioned and broken in From Australia Prices are negotiable, but right now they are around 69 AUD - GAN X (Numerical 50 AUD -...
  3. A

    Selling entire collection! All types of cubes available

    Hey! I am trying to sell my entire cubing collection to the right person. I will sell them in bulk or one at a time. The cubes that I have available are as follows, along with their price in USD: Rubik's Brand 3x3 Stickerless - 5 Unproportional 3x3x7 - 12 Windmill Cube - 8 Pyraminx(Missing...
  4. AdamsImmersive

    QiYi WuJi 7x7 - how much force is safe to apply?

    I’ve never dissembled a cube above 3x3, but I’m considering replacing a slightly damaged corner on my new QiYi WuJi 7x7. 1. Is the right approach to remove a pair of adjacent edges next to it first—by turning those 2 layers to 45 degrees and... twisting/pulling the 2 edges together as one? 2...
  5. PingPongCuber

    Want to buy: Magnetic 6x6 and 7x7 EDIT: BOUGHT

    Hi! I want to buy a magnetic 6x6 and 7x7. For 6x6 I would prefer a Shadow M, and I would pay 25 dollars for it. For 7x7, I would prefer a Yuxin Little Magic M, and I would pay 20 dollars for it (It is surprisingly cheap). If you have any of these cubes for sale, please PM me to work out the...
  6. C

    A review of the Yuxin little magic 7x7 M.

    So I think a lot of people were hyped about the 7x7 so I am making a review on it. I recently bought it on the 1st of September along with a mastermorphix And the Yuxin little magic 6x6. OOTB: So this cube out of the box was VERY bad. It was way to tight, had lube on the outside but was super...
  7. Fukuoka Kengo James

    Budget 7x7 comparison

    Which one is the best budget 7x7?
  8. GAN 356 X

    What cubes should be removed from the WCA?

    Since I've made a thread on what events should be added, and many people thought events should be taken away before new ones were added, I decided to make a poll on it. 2x2-6x6 are not included because most people will agree are challenging yet don't take too long. Megaminx is also excluded...
  9. tigermaxi

    Big Cubes Solve of the Day! 4x4-7x7

    Welcome to the 4x4-7x7 Solve of the Day thread! this thread is the same layout as the 3x3 2x2 skewb and pyra thread but with big cubes. The results will be stored on the same file as the other solve of the day thread but on a different page. Without further delay here are the scrambles! 4x4 |...
  10. imvelox

    [Unofficial] [Mattia Furlan] 7x7 2:57.41 mo3

    0.28 SD lel
  11. imvelox

    [Unofficial] 7x7: 2:51.22 single

    1:26/1:06/18 My PBs are 2:44.97 single and 2:52.93 mo3
  12. imvelox

    [Unofficial] 3:18.82 7x7 Single

    Nice solve, PB, but i could do better certainly.(L8E and 3x3 part were not so good).
  13. Branflakeftw

    Variation of 7x7 Reduction Method

    After seeing the recent post about solving the first 8 edges I got to thinking.. Here is a rough draft of a "method" I consider useful: 1. Solve all centers normally 2. Place the white side of the cube (or whatever side of the cube you prefer having the cross on) on the right 3. Use the...
  14. Mikel

    7x7x7 Blindfolded Success (with Pop)

    On my 7th attempt, I was finally able to solve the 7x7x7 blindfolded! Total time: 1:22:38.50 Memo time: [46:20] It also had a pop that I was luckily able to fix. The pop is at 4:44 in the video. Methods: Centers: U2 Wings: r2 Midges: M2 Corners: OP http://youtu.be/wr02YI1bvMg
  15. Hunter

    ShengShou 7x7 vs. V-Cube 7

    There was a thread like this about the GuHong and the ZhanChi, so why not for 7x7s? So..which do you prefer?
  16. wontolla

    Looking for a v-cube 7x7 spare piece

    I broke one of the edges of my v-cube 7x7 and I wonder if there is someone in the forum that has spare pieces and could sell me one. I searched the forum and found two year old threads about this so I'm not sure if they fixed their 7x7 or not. And if people like Izovire or Stachu still have...
  17. M

    7x7x7 Parity tips please!

    Ok so i got my 7x7 cube like a couple of days ago and i can solve it alright, the only problem i have is that i get edge-parity almost every time. So my question is, is there any way to prevent edge-parity in previous steps? i tried to google this but i couldnt really find anything...