1. GAN 356 X

    Best cubes of 2019

    What do you think are the best cubes of 2019? Post your thoughts here. In my opinion: The events I know about 2x2 Tengyun, Valk 2LM, MGC 3x3: XS, X, WRM, Tengyun, MGC V3 Elite 4x4 Aosu GTS2M, Meilong, Valk 4 5x5 Valk 5 M Square 1 Volt 2 M, Little Magic M Skewb X-man wingy Megaminx X-man...
  2. C

    US Nationals 2019 Location Predictions

    Where do y'all think US Nationals 2019 could be?
  3. L

    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    January 15th edit: The site is up! https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/competitions/WC2019 https://wc2019.speedcubing.org.au/en/ November 2nd edit: Speedcubing Australia has posted on their Facebook page that it will indeed be held July 11-14! August 29th Edit: Its in Melbourne! They applied...