1. CuberMan

    [Official] 7.96s single at Jakarta Open (Non-Lucky)

    Here's the video of 7.96s 3x3 non-lucky single, done by Stephen Adhisaputra in the 1st round of Jakarta Open 2012. Jakarta Open Result: http://www.worldcubeassociation.org/results/c.php?i=JakartaOpen2012 I failed at all finals :facepalm:
  2. MarcelP

    Amstelveen open 2012 (22-Sept)

    Hi Guys, http://www.worldcubeassociation.org/results/c.php?i=AmstelveenOpen2012 I can't seem to find any threads about the competition of next saturday. Who is comming?
  3. CuberMan

    [AsR] Baramee Pookcharoen 9.65 OH single

    Done by Baramee Pookcharoen at US Nationals 2012
  4. brandbest1

    [Official] Captain's Cove 2012 3x3 First Round Average: 18.36

    Brest, or somebody, go ahead and reconstruct everything except the second solve (but go ahead if you can). And somebody else have the scrambles?
  5. cubernya

    DeRuyter Open 2012 (Unofficial)

    http://deruyteropen.tk/ If that doesn't work: http://sites.google.com/site/deruyteropen2012 Date: August 25 Registration: Before August 11: $10 Before August 18: $10 for 2 events, $1 per event thereafter At the door: $13 for 2 events, $2 per event thereafter Address: 711 Railroad Street...
  6. Sheldon

    Typhoon Open 2012 [France]

    Typhoon Open 2012 Date : 20-21 July 2012 Place : EXIA CESI - 19 avenue Guy de Collongue, 69130 Ecully (near Lyon), France WCA Delegate : Philippe Virouleau Organization : Pierre Bouvier and Geoffray Pontet Events : 222, 333, 444, BLD, feet, mega, pyra, square-1, clock, magic, mmagic. Extra...
  7. Riley

    [Official] Berkeley Spring 2012 - Riley Woo + 11.72 3x3 Average of 5 (tips?)

    Sometimes there's no audio for some reason... but it works fine if you watch it on youtube. And an 11.72 3x3 average of 5. I'd really appreciate any advice, or tips. I'm thinking of learning WV, good idea or no?
  8. brandbest1

    Yale Spring 2012

    http://union.cubingusa.com/yalespring2012/index.php *gasp* It's on a Sunday!
  9. M

    [Official] MIT Spring 2012 - A Dramatic Rendition

    My retelling of my experience during the 2012 MIT Spring Competition. gaBOhQfzWTI Check out my page to see my other cubing competition recap video
  10. Bob

    Newark Head to Head 2012

    Newark Head to Head 2012. It's back. http://worldcubeassociation.org/node/1963 http://union.cubingusa.com/newarkhth2012/index.php
  11. STOCKY7


    OK, so I really enjoyed myself in the 2011 Bristol Open, but when is the next comp? Has anyone any info? Thanks, STOCKY7
  12. antoineccantin

    NCR 2012 Date (Sat/Sun)

    After our pretty successful NCR 2011 competition, we have started to plan our next year's competition. We were wondering what week day you would prefer (probably in May). Please vote in the poll!